Happy Birthday to my Mother

Dear Ma,

Happy 100th Birthday today which is relevant even though we had a funeral for you when you passed away at 60 years old for three main reasons. Firstly, you chose to accept the Gospel and to be baptized at your own will, so we share a common belief that Man(including woman) still lives on after death as a Spirit being until the resurrection. This is to take place during the prophesied end days of our world which seems closer today! Secondly, as space and time is still measured by Man on earth, it makes sense to me that you would be celebrating your 100th Birthday today as I'm still alive on earth following earth time now in Kuala Lumpur. Last but not least, today is a Thursday which I've designated to be my Deep Thinking day so I remember your birthday and like to share my heart with you and some thoughts. 

In August last year of 2020, I solved the mystery of where the black and white photo of you and I was taken at, who kept this photo since young till today. 

More details of the day trip to the island can be found in my Facebook post here.

The ability to unravel this mystery happened in the most unique time of my life and that is during the world COVID-19 pandemic that started in early 2020. Before going to Melaka, I went up to Penang to visit Moon Lean, my oldest sister.

I was visiting with my former mission companion David Soon whom you know. We were serving in Malaysia/Singapore in 1980-82 with a unique opportunity as pioneer missionaries who were able to visit our parents, now and then! 

It was through sister that I got to know my mystical cousin Ong Chin Hooi who has psychic powers who had passed away on 12 Nov 2019. Since young I had always heard about the mystical things that Penang island seem to possess but living in the modern city of Kuala Lumpur, I was too preoccupied with my life to find out more. In my latter years, I took time to discover and recall to create a special journal to cover this aspect of life found at Be More, Know How.

I know you are aware of these things, being born in Penang but following Pa with his well educated western background, I guess you are less exposed to the experiences as compared to oldest sister who lived there all her life since birth.

After Penang and then Melaka, I decided to go camping Aussie style with my Malaysian friend you've met in Geelong...
Remember your trip to visit me in Geelong during summer of 1978? Tong Leong my 'sifu' seated closest to the camera who taught me everything about outdoor life in Australia is seated closest to the camera. He had become a citizen of Australia and decided to go on a "Malaysia 2nd home" program where he could live in Malaysia with his family.
Standing 2nd from the right is his younger brother who was my outdoor buddy for bike riding, camping etc who is also from the same school together in St.John's. This pic was taken when I left for Australia for my tertiary education in Feb1977. I am always close with my friends and have a habit of organizing reunions in small numbers or large groups as shared in this journal.

As you are aware, the mother of our family Geok Lee or my wife passed away on 6 Nov 2012. I'm sure you would run into her somehow in the spirit world. I don't hear or receive vibes from you as much as from her until lately when during the pandemic, we all seem closer to the other side of the veil as we call it. From Geok Lee, the strongest connection was during the disappearance of the MH370 recorded here. 

Well from my side, you have six grand children and two great grand ones as of today! Under the Lord's guidance and the Spirit of Elijah, family history work and seeking our ancestors has made good progress. Today technology has definitely advanced greatly to make everything that was once impossible become amazingly possible as shared in my family journal here with Geok Lee.

At the last General Conference of the Church on 4th April 2021, which happens to be Geok Lee's birthday too, it was announced that a Temple of the Church will be built in Singapore! We used to have to take a plane to fly to a Temple of the Church to participate in temple ordinances but no longer once the temple is built in Singapore! In the temple, I always feel there is just a thin veil separating the living from the dead. Everyone in Singapore and Malaysia were overjoyed to hear the announcement.

I am grateful that without any persuasion from me when I came home from Australia in Feb 1980 to inform the family that I would be serving a voluntary 2 year mission for the Church, you choose to take discussions from the elderly couple missionaries to prepare to be baptized.(KL branch photo dated April 1981)

This photo is dated 30th April, 1981 recorded in my early life journal that has a copy of your baptism certificate too.

Love you very much Ma and happy to know we can all be together again one day with Geok Lee too.

God bless!

Boynie/Sun Fu/Dad the KL City Kid
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