2021 first Spiritlane post

In the year 2020, the church members world wide focused on the study of the Book of Mormon. In 2021 the focus is on the study of the Doctrine of Covenants. Watch the video to learn why the study of the two books are important:

Rushing out to shop in the city on Sunday morning? What's happening Sun Fu Chong???

The answer is simply my excitement in life at this time of our world pandemic that allowed me to be lost in time where I could do more Thinking and some thing else that came to me as a personal revelation at the start of the new year of 2021, I was continuing to be Seeking as I've always been doing in my life time explained in a special Consciousness journal I created here.

What's the difference between Thinking and Seeking? From my years of research on the subject of Human Consciousness, I know from the studies of neuroscience and what psychologists have written about the brain.

I am blessed with verified knowledge/experience from the past and present. I am blessed with a vision of the future that is deemed spiritual, the S of BMS. B is body with feelings that assist with memory in the limbic lower area of the brain while M is for the Mind, the processor or creator of principles & systems found in the upper brain or cortex area.

How one domain interacts with the other can only be fully known when Scientists and Spiritualists agree on what is the truth of Life or maybe simply answering the question, "Who Am I?" We are moving into the 2nd year of lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that is still not under control in Malaysia and many parts of the world. More people are accessing the internet in this era of time when physical activities of people interaction or travel has been very much restricted.

When there is less physical activities in my life, I tend to become more intellectual and spiritual. Allow me to briefly share some continued miracles in my life that occurred online and even offline just in the past week of this February month. My intense focus on unraveling the mystery of Human Consciousness led me to find a Dutch man named Michael Rogge through his website entitled, MAN and the unknown. He has produced over a thousand video clips shared in YouTube. Photos can be found in Flickr.

Let me begin first on the series of things that were happening in this February month running up to find this Dutchman... Well we have all heard of the term algorithm used in computers. With my research on human consciousness, I'm discovering they're talking about algorithms in our brain in neuroscience today!

To be continued with full stories...

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