A Silent Testimony in a busy busy world!

I am about to relate an account of my spiritual experiences which has become very sacred to me in my life. Sacred means a number of things to me. Firstly it is special and not ordinary. I therefore treasure it. Next, it also means that it is something that relates to God and therefore is holy and to be respected. Last but not least, for something that is special and relates to God, it means that it can only be shared at the right time, in the right environment with the right people who will treat it with equal respect and appreciation.

For the above reasons, I have chosen to write my story in a special blog different from all other blogs and websites that I have created or will create in the future. For those who will come here to read it, I must warn you that what you will read may sound incredible or even hard to believe. Let me assure you that it is accurate as far as I have recorded it as it has been preserved in my hand written journals and later online to this day.

I know there are many people of many different faiths and they all have the right and freedom to believe whatever they may choose. My experience is shared not to put anyone else's beliefs down for I truely respect the beliefs and experiences of others. I am only compelled to share what I feel is the most enlightening experience and knowledge of this era, that God lives and he continues to speak to Man today.

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