2021 first Spiritlane post

In the year 2020, the church members world wide focused on the study of the Book of Mormon online. In 2021 the focus is on the study of the Doctrine of Covenants. Watch the video to learn why the study of the two books are important:

Rushing out to shop in the city on Sunday morning? What's happening Sun Fu Chong???

The answer is simply my excitement in life at this time of our world pandemic that allowed me to be lost in time where I could do more Thinking and some thing else that came to me as a personal revelation at the start of the new year of 2021, I was continuing to be Seeking as I've always been doing in my life time explained in a special Consciousness journal I created here. So the simple answer to my gross error was I was too busy engrossed in my seeking activities of my research and wasn't thinking about normal schedules of the week as the lockdown totally freed my mind from them! I actually experienced what my research was informing me. Quantum physics has shown that space and time are illusions of perception! (Note: Underlined words when clicked provides more meaning or elaboration)

I am blessed with verified knowledge & personal experience from the past and present. I am blessed with a vision of the future that is deemed spiritual, the S of BMS. B is body with feelings/emotions that assist with memory in the limbic lower area of the brain while M is for the Mind, the processor or creator of principles & systems found in the upper brain or cortex area or even outside the brain as per the phenomena taught by Descartes.

How one domain interacts with the other can only be fully known when Scientists and Spiritualists agree on what is the truth of Life or maybe simply answering the question, "Who Am I?" We are moving into the 2nd year of lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that is still not under control in Malaysia and many parts of the world. More people are accessing the internet in this era of time when physical activities of people interaction or travel has been very much restricted.

When there is less physical activities in my life, I tend to become more *intellectual and spiritual*. Allow me to briefly share some continued miracles in my life that occurred online and even offline just in the past week of this February month. My intense focus on unraveling the mystery of Human Consciousness led me to find a Dutch man named Michael Rogge through his website entitled, MAN and the unknown. He has produced over a thousand video clips shared in YouTube. Photos can be found in Flickr. More on this new special friend from Holland later.

Let me begin first on the series of things that were happening in this February month including finding this Dutchman... Well we have all heard of the term algorithms used in computers. With my research on human consciousness, I'm discovering they're talking today about algorithms in our brain in neuroscience too. The basic definition of an algorithm is simple: a step-by-step set of instructions for solving a problem or performing a task explained simply here. From this basic principle, it has led to amazing creations or inventions by Man for example in areas of our concern like healthcare.

In the month of Feb 2021 for the Chinese new year celebration of the Ox year, Malaysia was under the most extreme conditions of an emergency lockdown by the government. More time was spent indoors where I have noted earlier, from the past year experience, I become more intellectual and spiritual!

Example of the series of events how computer algorithm led me to interact with what I believe to be a set of algorithms in my brain follows: 

1) Some conversations on the net via WhatsApp on the passing of an old school teacher named Mrs Kang at 82 years of age led me to create a memorial post for her though she never taught me in my old school of St Johns but she was senior enough that most students knew who she was. The family had opted to have a private wake as well as burial since we were under emergency MCO where only family members could gather. Information was circulating in the various old school WhatsApp groups that enabled me to pick up sufficient content to complete the memorial post. I did find out that the family were using the funeral parlour near my home in KL but due to the family request that it should be attended by family members only where it was a time of SOP from the government with the emergency MCO in effect, I humbly complied.

2) I decided to visit the Kwong Tong cemetery nearby where they have the Pagoda columbarium where the ashes of my father and sister are kept. 

When I went home, something started happening to tell me it's occurring again. What is that one might ask? I could answer in two ways. One is that I'm living up to my Chinese given name, 山福 Sun Fu or Mountain of Luck. The other is I've broken the Enigma code where I actually watched a movie on this topic during the pandemic year of 2020 about Alan Turing! So I seem to be able to continue unraveling or solving puzzles of life that others can't seem to do it but I could.

Well personally, from living for so long and doing my best to record my life as one who was always Thinking a lot on my own since young to later go out to Seek for the answers, I consider myself really lucky to be endowed with both! What actually happened when while my mind was focused on this sister who died so young, a friend of hers from school who lived in the neighborhood when they were young and later met up again as adults in Australia later on in life, connected to me on Facebook out of the blue during the Chinese New Year celebration! A paranormal incident perhaps? If I had the time, I could add this to my Story of 7 journal where I have been too busy in life to update it with all my miracle stories when they happen!

I had the chance to ask her so many questions interacting with her online almost daily! She helped me fill in all the blanks I had when I tried so hard to help my father, who passed away first and then this youngest sister who had been living out on her own most times as an adult! She did go to Australia and met this old friend too for a couple of years before returning back to KL! I was in contact with my father all my adult married life and have this special journal to record my meeting with him a year before he passed away. I had bought an office on the same floor as his, after starting my own business that began with a small room at his office, so I was never far away over the years.

3) So this Chinese New Year of the Ox, was the first that I was really locked down on my own away from my family members outside Malaysia who were also locked down at the start of 2021. The pandemic in 2020 only started after the Chinese New Year and I had visits in KL from my oldest daughter and husband earlier from the US and then the four boys came up to visit me from Singapore later. My second daughter was expecting her second baby in a few months so we didn't expect her to travel that year. 

However, being the Chinese New Year celebration, I could still move around the city and was invited for dinner for the Eve as well as on the First day of Chinese New Year by close friends to help me feel the Chinese New Year spirit! With all the children outside Malaysia, we have always been getting together online for various celebrations or special occasions. Here is my journal post of how I traditionally ushered in the New Year of the OX, offline and online!

Now let me refer to the Dutchman mentioned above named Michael Rogge. I came across his website that got me excited as for the first time, after so many years, I found someone who was interested in sharing his online work on the same topic of Human Consciousness with the difference that he is 91 years old. This is over 30 years more experience in life than me. He has also traveled the world where he had filmed his travels of the past to convert them to YouTube, over a thousand two hundred of them!

I could even find a video of Kuala Lumpur he recorded in the year I was born! Isn't that cool? I have also embedded the video above, compliments of Michael Rogge, in my Independence Day journal post

Soon we began to exchange emails regularly where he responded well to my usually direct questions to him. I informed him that I did visit Rotterdam and Amsterdam in my early years where I could share this travel journal of mine with him. I had the good fortune to start travelling the world since I was 18 years of age and while he was using a movie camera in his travels, I didn't have that privilege in my younger days but I had the camera. To me these photos or videos(later life) capture the feelings embedded in my Consciousness that when I go through them years later, it augments my memory in life to link everything that happened to this current day to really be able to answer the question "Who am I" without the need for a third party to inform me or to start seeking for the answer in my advanced years!

Though I didn't get the opportunity of using imaging technology in my younger days, I'm most grateful today that in 1977, I opted to study computer science as a major in my business course in Australia. That allowed me to learn a technology that eventually revolutionized the world that I could share with my own family when I came of age to start my own IT and consulting business. It helped me achieve many breakthroughs when I chose to become an entrepreneur early in life. Today in my young sixties, I can connect with the world to learn and continue to share as much as I know or understand, organized by my own algorithm just as how Rogge did here using technology, amazingly in his nineties! 

To find Michael Rogge after so many years I know is not by chance as it was already in my algorithm mentioned above. I have been reading his amazing writings on the topic of Consciousness of our mutual interest since the start of our Chinese New Year! 

I had let my pattern recognition of algorithms, explained below, to do the work of first reading his voluminous subjects put together like a concise encyclopedia on Consciousness, from research and experience of his own! We started to also regularly write to each other where I'm the one asking him questions and he has responded well. 

There were the first two important questions I felt impressed to ask him that I felt if he were to inform me, I would be able to comprehend or get an idea of his Consciousness. First I asked if he was ever married and raised a family and second was whether he was spiritual or follows a religion. He answered negative on both to me and to be fair to him, I introduced myself as a family man and spiritual man who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He did acknowledge that he did follow Theosophy until 1958. On further scanning the web I could learn that "The purpose of Theosophy and the aim of Theosophists is again to revive interest in these fundamental truths of religion which lie beneath the ritual and external forms, the picturesque and man-made garments with which they have been clothed." (Ref : From this reference, I can see that Theosophy isn't so much of a religion but an academic way of attempting to explain the many religions that are found in the world!)

I watched this video to have a clearer understanding of what Theosophy was about and yes it is an academic exercise to explain religion! He also mentioned his interest in the Indonesian practice of Subud latihan with an excerpt of his email as follows:

 "As my grandfather was minister in Surabaya end of 19th century and his sons were also staying in Indonesia I’m saturated with stories about life there. I’m also reading a lot of its past history. Chinese played an important part in its development. I helped introducing the Indonesian practice of the Subud latihan in the West in the fifties. One of the latest books I bought is on the phenomenon of stone ‘rains’ in Indonesia. There are a number of accounts of suddenly stones coming down indoors in houses from two meters’ height. Also Theosophy had its biggest lodge in Indonesia, with Chinese. Indonesian (president Sukarno) and Dutch members. I was myself a onetime member until 1958. "

It is interesting for me to read that the name "Subud" is an acronym that stands for three Javanese words, Susila Budhi Dharma, which are derived from the Sanskrit terms suśīla (good-tempered), buddhi, and dharma.

The meaning depends on the context in which they are being used. The original Sanskrit root words are defined differently than Pak Subuh indicates:


Suśīla: "well-disposed", "having an amiable disposition", "good-tempered".[4]
Buddhi: "intelligence, mind, reason".
Dharma: the Law that "upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe".

Pak Subuh
Pak Subuh gives the following definitions:

Susila: the good character of man in accordance with the Will of Almighty God.
Budhi: the force of the inner self within man.
Dharma: surrender, trust and sincerity towards Almighty God.

It is interesting for me to read the above as years ago when I started my research in 2003, I derived my own 3 word definitions with some elaboration here.

Soon I was ready to use my technique of computer/brain algorithms mentioned above to analyze the Consciousness of Rogge in relationship to mine. These algorithms derived from computer science is equivalent to the brain science of psychology named as pattern recognition that I believe I am also using. In my life long learning habit, I came across something science is still discovering further in self-organization in the realm of molecular biology known as Biomimetics or Stigmergy explained in more depth here. (stigmergy

With my pattern recognition connecting with algorithms on my computer that leads me to my own information database, plus my latest awareness of molecular biology, I could scan all the information Rogge has shared in his website here. He seemed to have similar interest with me for deep knowledge where he has continued updating his site even in 2021 when he turns 92! 

I knew he had written a lot on Science and shared a lot of information on different religions. He particularly singled one he named as "Christian Myth" that shared the roots of 2 other major religions of the world which is Islam and Judaism. He also shared another page entitled, "On the psychology of Christian Movements" where he shared a 3rd party negative hypothesis of the founder of our Church named Joseph Smith. He was apologetic to me on email saying, "My apologies once more if I have offended your belief " and I wrote in my reply email, "I respond to you quickly to know that my Consciousness today is such that I can't be offended by anyone easily especially if it is about religion. Thank you again for sharing such straightforward and sincere answers or commentaries as that is optimal for me to learn from you, of your life as well as Holland that I just passed by in the winter of 1976 to know it was a most unusual country but never had the chance to return!"

From his response to my two questions above, his answer being that he was never married and neither did he follow any religion, it confirmed my feelings that he was an atheist or one who does not believe God exists. It also explained his lack of appreciation of a long term relationship with a real human being as a marriage partner in life.   

After spending time scanning his volumes of scientific writings, reading in detail several of them,  I would like to share this link about a very smart Jewish woman named Rebecca Goldstein. She is a highly educated academician, born from a family of conservative Jews and became an accomplished author of non-fiction and fictional books. She became an interest to me due to my interaction with Rogge as both are very intellectual and seem to regard themselves as atheists. I've observed that the people of the western world who are more advanced in science and technology with their intellect somehow believe less that there is a God or spiritual beings compared to the Eastern world. A Jew can still believe in God and the Savior like this Jewish woman sharing on this video.

Having said that, it doesn't mean intellectuals do not believe in God. They may or may not. My research included finding a most unique information philosopher with his knowledge shared here. He also has one of his books in pdf version found here. He teaches that there was a creation phase but no creator. Now read this story of a cellular biologist who believes there is a God with his detailed explanation in a long pdf file found here. Latest science in a video of epigenetics explains greater understanding and limitations of the DNA. There was of course a rejection of the evolution theory by religious groups. In short, Rogge's position as an atheist from his point of view in light of the great controversy in the world whether there is a God who created the world or not is of no surprise. Nor would his decision not to be married as not believing that God exists would certainly make marriage seem an unimportant act.

I don't consider myself an intellectual or an intelligent person in as much as I can read and figure out intellectual principles using my intuition or algorithm that I created myself and with sufficient repetition can even memorize them. As I was the youngest in my family with a large gap in age with my siblings to interact with, I had much time alone to be an introspective person. As I grew up and found similar age of friends at school to interact with, only then I felt more a complete or whole person! Little did I know that this interaction habit of mine with others some how increased my personal knowledge and capabilities acquired from other human beings.

I like to note that those who interacted with me could be positive agents for me and themselves. However, now and then there will be the negative agents who I believe due to lack of control of their own personal emotions chose to disrupt or challenge my peaceful life. I noticed that in the long run, they hurt or sabotage their own lives, self-esteem or relationships. Law of Karma seems true like truths taught in many religions of the world that I study and respect. Laws of the universe are after all definitely basically true and consistent with variations only due to the Consciousness of the master teaching them during the time of the world when they lived and the followers who may have slightly distorted or misinterpreted the original teachings if there was no systematic or technical way of preserving them for time and eternity.

It took many years later before I learned how to interact with the Spirit or non-visual personages. I started late as my focus from young was on intellectual education. When I was about to finish it, I started to explore spiritual education. I was so impressed with the new pattern of learning that I continued to work on it to apply it in my personal life and later for my family to clock over 40 years of knowledge and experience at this time of writing. The video below explains about this "pattern of light" :

I also felt I could work or interact with gadgets, equipment etc. that are man-made including computers linked to the modern science of Quantum Physics today that I have been researching. I was just amazed how an ordinary person like me could do so many things successfully at my own pace. I truly am genuinely or humbly amazed of my accomplishments, knowing fully the weaknesses of the Body and Mind that I have. Just work hard and Never Never Give Up was my belief thanks to the examples of many close to me.

It prompted me to have the desire to learn even more to call it my life's continuing personal research that could help others do the same once I have perfected it myself in knowledge & practice! I know that is possible as all my life, I've been sharing and teaching others to perform and be better and they did! I know as I'm always connecting with them whether in person or online as another long time habit of mine. It led to findings I call the tri-partite nature of man due to my constant interaction activities in these 3 areas given Chinese sounding acronyms as follows:

First there is my Body (EQ) important for relationships or feelings

WEI is the acronym I use to represent my strength in "Western Eastern Interaction" relating to people of both worlds to establish good relationships.

Second is my Mind (IQ) important for reasoning or logic

CHI is the acronym I use to represent my strength in "Computer Human Interaction" relating to algorithms.

Third is my Spirit (SQ) important for faith and openness to find true purpose of life.

SHI is the acronym I use to represent my strength in "Spirit Human Interaction" relating to divinity and purpose of life

I use the word 'interaction' as found in physics where the fundamental interactions, also known as fundamental forces, are the interactions that do not appear to be reducible to more basic interactions. There are four fundamental interactions known to exist: the gravitational and electromagnetic interactions, which produce significant long-range forces whose effects can be seen directly in everyday life, and the strong and weak interactions, which produce forces at minuscule, subatomic distances and govern nuclear interactions.

I acquired very good Western Eastern Interaction(WEI) experience, having been born in Malaya just after independence from the British to have travelled frequently between both worlds. With my Computer Human Interaction(CHI) skillset, I have been able to keep up with technology and the fast-growing information that comes with it. Last but not least, I'm grateful for the wonderful years of Spirit Human Interaction(SHI) as a priesthood holder in my faith and my interaction with many people of different faith and religions, to appreciate more of what we have in common than our differences.

Click here or the photo above to see how my photo pattern figured things out!

17 Mar 2021
My Dream state and Interactions with Michael Rogge

A very unusual day indeed where after I share some brief content on this day, it needs to be continued in my Transpersonal Psychology website. It will be more appropriate to share my breakthrough experience of figuring out the algorithm or pattern recognition of the mind of this very intelligent Dutchman that has captured my attention since a few days before the Chinese New Year celebration.

I create this simple chart to help me be more aware of the time, event and our ages, his being more relevant, of our similar activities in life with relevant links given to his shared history online that I have read where possible.

My Age     Rogge's Age  My year/s  Rogge Year/s                Event 
13+                  41+              70s                 70s              Me - Karate, Roge - Taichi
19+                  57+             1977              1986                    Studied Computer
39+                  67+             1997              1996                         Used Internet
48+                  77+             2006              2006                        Used YouTube
61+                  91+             2021              2021                        First met online 

It was the Easter weekend and our Church General Conference would start on Saturday 3 April at 10am Utah time which would be 12am or 12midnight on Sunday 4 April in Malaysia and 6pm on Saturday 3 April in Amsterdam. I figured out this time zone differences for reason that I did send an email to Rogge informing him of the 10am Church conference session in Utah so that he could click the link that I sent to him if he was interested to watch, being the Easter weekend too.

4 April 2021
General Conference of the Church

My Happiest Day! A Temple of our Church has been announced to be built in Singapore!!! https://bit.ly/3mlKzSM

It's my happiest day not only because the Lord's temple is going to be so close for all of us living in Malaysia and Singapore, as announced by the Prophet in the above timed-video, but also Geok Lee's birthday is on 4 April. Whether she is alive or in the spirit world, she is still touching lives!

The blessing of having the General Conference during this pandemic Easter weekend  is we could get more people around the world to participate in the online conference. I was touched to hear and see the faithful saints from around the world, young and old, speaking or singing that brought tears to my eyes when I watched the above timed-videos!

26 Apr 2021
April 26-May 2 Doctrine and Covenants online lesson

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a dream that quickly disappears. I might want to pick up my phone to read our online weekly lessons if I can't go back to sleep immediately and I did exactly that to capture what exactly happened and what personal revelation I received as follows:

Extract from Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives
By President Russell M. Nelson, from April General Conference 2018 (Ref)

"Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses—yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen! Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will “grow into the principle of revelation.”

(Screen shot from my phone)

(Got out from bed to use my PC as there are more tools I can use to create this post to record what happened early Monday morning of 26 April 2021 at about 4am according to my computer screen shot)

It was exactly what I did since I joined the Church over 40 years ago to learn about writing paper journals that were converted online here under the Spiritlane name I had chosen to later in the year 2021 include all the other journals I had written over the years in a collective website in line with latest technology available at www.AbacustoCloud.com

As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will “grow into the principle of revelation." were the key words I read in bed on my phone to get up and update my latest journal online with my PC, to record my feelings and actions to follow. I am also reminded why I've been blessed for so many years for things I have acted out as recorded here.

It all started with just these two screen shots of what I read from my phone in bed early on Monday morning!

The schedule for reading the Come Follow Me lessons for the year 2021 is found here.

10 May 2021
May 10 - 16 Doctrine & Covenants online lesson

These spirits mentioned above is covered in another journal found here.

17 May 2021
May 17 - 23 Doctrine & Covenants online lesson

During the pandemic era of the world that started in Malaysia since March 2020, MCO Movement Control Order was enforced in Malaysia like most other developed countries in the world. It has persisted till the current time of writing in the year 2021. I have used the time well to update my ongoing life journals to even organized them in a collection of websites found at www.AbacusToCloud.com

Key word is ORGANIZE

Click here to check in our Gospel Library App in our scriptures what ORGANIZE means in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Click here to see how I could ORGANIZE my websites to share my true life experiences.

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