Bringing it all together before and during COVID-19

Before the Pandemic era.
Some Memories & Events

Facebook shared an auto memory from the past which I like to share as an introduction to this post. It triggered my consciousness to create this post.

This memory is of my second son Shuan, finishing his two year voluntary mission in England to return back to Singapore, with a stopover first to visit my second daughter in Boston.

It reminded me of why he served a mission to follow his older brother Han, who followed his older sister Su, where maybe my joining the Church as the first in the family to do so may have started the chain reaction. 

I used the photos he had sent to me in his weekly emails home that I transferred to journals starting here that ends here for example. I then used it to share a voice recording above of a long entertaining talk by Cleon Skousen who also explains how it is possible that a Savior could pay for the sins of everyone on earth, consistent with the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ. The scriptures can be found in this journal where the above video is shared. Transcript of his talk can be read here.

Now I didn't need Cleon Skousen's talk and scriptures shared to know that Jesus Christ is real or that he really atoned for Man's sins. All I had to do was to exercise faith in the Savior, keep his commandments and receive personal revelations direct from him which happened over 40 years ago recorded in my Spiritlane journal that starts here to be continue to this day. 

Now FaceBook uses something called "Pattern Recognition" which in a more technical term from the computer science world that uses algorithms or computer codes to read and record the behavior or interest of the human user. The objective is of course to direct advertisements that match the recorded interest of the user so that the advertisers paying FaceBook would get more positive sales responses. It is a Win Win situation for everyone including the ordinary FaceBook user like me who enjoys all the benefits or the features of using the social network for free! However I don't just depend on FaceBook media alone to store or share my well researched information of life or human consciousness especially of my own! I have my own online journals that has no advertisements to share my own discoveries like an understanding pattern recognition subject found here.

Now why did I explain all of the above? Well it's simply my habit since young to learn good or useful things that benefited me and later always shared freely with family & friends. They are therefore free of charge and will not have any distracting advertisements common in social media sites today!

From my journal, I could recall the visit of a newly called Apostle of the Church, Elder Neal A Maxwell, that I got to meet during my mission days while serving in Singapore. 

The exact day of the event recorded in my book journal is 27th Aug 1981.

He was called by the same Prophet of our Church who had issued me my mission call, President Spencer W. Kimball who greatly influenced me to write journals as per this article of his here.

Elder Maxwell is indeed a spiritual and eloquent speaker who highlighted the important restoration work of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The prophets of our modern day seem to continue the great work of the Savior in preparation for his second coming. President Kimball's book and life touched me immensely in my life that I brought this old book for a talk I gave in KL branch shared in this journal.

Video of the group celebrating Ray's birthday

Beginning of the Pandemic

Now the pandemic came as a surprise in the first quarter of 2020, in the month of March as recorded in my familylane journal My journals and book writing project slowed down as more time was spent on deeper research in the Body Mind Spirit (EQ IQ SQ) of Man's tripartite nature that I had configured. At best, I could share all the journals of my life, which is on going all the time anyway with updates, collected at

This book caught my attention from my library as it covers the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament as well as well as in the Book of Mormon that includes the teachings of Isaiah. Reading Isaiah teachings in the Book of Mormon was like going through a "Desert" stretch that I found difficult to go through in 1979 when I first joined the Church. It was like having a preference to read the New Testament instead of the Old and when reading the Book of Mormon, I would read through the "Desert" stretch quickly with a desire to get to the other stories that I could understand better!

Like a miracle, this book came to my attention during the Pandemic! 

Then with online technology, I could find the video below and update myself of the work and life of Avraham Gileadi from his website at

During the pandemic, I had definitely more time locked down at home or in my office library to be inspired to pick up books I wanted to reread that further enlightened me during this unprecedented era of my lifetime!

Everything was like OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking sequence for me before and during the Pandemic!

22 Sep 2021
Set apart as 1st counsellor in the KL Branch Presidency by President Royce Tai from the District

25 Sep 2021
Assisting member for vaccination at MBPJ Civic Centre building

26 Sep 2021
First Young Men's zoom meeting

To be edited & continued...

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