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This first Spiritlane post in 2020 promises to be shorter in the number of words in a page by use of more hyperlinks, photos & videos when compared to previous posts of the past. The main reason for this change is that I need all the spare time to complete my first book to be available online as planned. I wrote to my late wife about it as mentioned here.

It will still maintain a long tradition of mine to share honestly feelings and thoughts of my heart and mind respectively. This is in line with the trend of the modern world of today that calls it transparency.

This post is timely as the General Conference of the Church is happening this weekend. 2020 is a significant year for the Church as it is the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Church by Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. I feel the spirit very strongly to write this Spiritlane post at the end of the first quarter of the year 2020. Note that I am not an alarmist. My Consciousness is based on the tripartite nature of Man I have perceived had two of its parts rattled very quickly as we moved into the new year.

For the Body part, was the Corona Virus or COVID-19 pandemic that occurred and the Mind part was the sudden change of the politics or government in Malaysia. I was silent in my own written journals other than making a note or two to chronologically keep a record of the events. I felt that they were all already well covered by the press and the social media groups so that my further commentary or thoughts was not really necessary.

Before the sudden change of government in Malaysia and the outbreak of the COVID-19, late in the year 2019, I was preoccupied with the law and politics as well as living/health conditions applied to a community in the city of Kuala Lumpur, highlighted in a special website I created at www.BlueBoyMansion.com  Fortunately, many of the important and urgent matters were resolved before the local and international crisis began. I considered it the Lord's blessings as I was working round the clock tirelessly. I knew I had the Spirit with me in heart and mind to help solve different problems and challenges that arose as well as to give me the energy to move with swiftness.

When a "lockdown" was implemented on 18 March 2020 for two weeks and later extended to April 14, I made myself useful indoors, actively organizing things that were neglected in the past:

Much of the neglect to organize physical things was plainly due to the transformation of technology from the physical to the digital where most information could be kept in computer disks and today even in the cloud as the following photo depicts...

However, that is only a lame excuse as we have not become a paperless world yet so we need to continue to organize our papers, books and things that we or I use! As a metaphor, we are still physical beings who have not become back to a totally spirit form yet so matter still needs to be organized around us! To me I was a spiritual being born to have an earthly experience and I have learned so much.

On Sunday 29 March of 2020, the KL branch conducted its first Online Fast and Testimony meeting due to the "lockdown" where the Church instruction was for all members to stay home.

Isn't technology wonderful?

I felt inspired to share my personal testimony on Facebook for the first time giving a link to my testimony shared in my journal, the night before our online meeting.

On Monday 30th March 2020, exciting things were happening to me through the internet:

This video came to my attention online:

This is not an official presentation from the Church but shared by a member diligent in his studies of the scriptures and observant of the events that has been happening in the Church.

Watching it made me connect the dots to know why President Nelson has been acting rather boldly recently in his communication online.

Click the photo below to read his full message to us:

These words caught my attention :

The Second Coming

"The Lord will return to the land that He made holy by His mission there in mortality. In triumph, He will come again to Jerusalem. In royal robes of red to symbolize His blood, which oozed from every pore, He shall return to the Holy City (see Doctrine and Covenants 133:46–48). There and elsewhere, “the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together” (Isaiah 40:5; see also Doctrine and Covenants 101:23). His “name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).
He will govern from two world capitals: one in old Jerusalem (see Zechariah 14) and the other in the New Jerusalem “built upon the American continent” (Articles of Faith 1:10). From these centers He will direct the affairs of His Church and kingdom. Another temple will yet be built in Jerusalem. From that temple He shall reign forever as Lord of Lords. Water will issue from under the temple. Waters of the Dead Sea will be healed. (See Ezekiel 47:1–8.)"
On the eve of General Conference, I received an email from the Church screen captured below:

Wow, this is going to be an inspiring conference as remembered in my more detailed or wordy account shared just before the April 2018 General Conference found here.

Enjoy and I hope the sharing of my simple testimony of the Savior, that he lives and will come back to us again can inspire you to find eternal meaning and purpose in your life, even a greater knowledge of eternal truths. This General Conference will be broadcast live in a special way that we will not have the usual audience of max capacity of about 20,000 people in the conference hall as in previous years due to the lockdown. Click here to watch it or know the timing of when it will start. (Postdated comment: As this journal was written live as conference was proceeding, the link to watch the video was changed after the live conference ended to be viewed historically by clicking here instead.

Above text was typed before the start of the General Conference in the US date of April 4th,2020.

The writings below are made after the end of the Sunday morning session of April 5th US time:

In the April 2018 General Conference mentioned above with the link, I shared my experience of predicting a topic that would be covered before the conference itself by publishing my prediction on Facebook before watching the conference.

This time round, I had no intention to repeat the prediction feat again but nevertheless felt the impression that it would be something to do with the 2nd coming of the Savior. For some reason, I was reviewing videos on the First Vision by the Prophet Joseph Smith. I decided to share publicly in Facebook as comments in two posts that I made found below:

This video was shared in the comments section in Facebook post I dated Sat 4th April 2020 at 20:48

Screenshot of my post found in the comments section by clicking the above link "Facebook post 1" is seen below:

This video was shared in the comments section in Facebook post 2 dated Sun 5th April 2020 at 18:34

Screenshot of my post found in the comments section by clicking the above link "Facebook post 2" is seen below:

Both the local time and date of my two video posts in the comments section were before the start of the Sunday morning conference 10 am session as US time was behind our Malaysian time by 26 hours.

President Russell M. Nelson ended the Sunday Morning session of General Conference as the last speaker. Towards the end of his talk, he explained about proclamations issued by the Church in the past and announced that a 6th Proclamation of the Church was being released this General Conference entitled, "The Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World" He then played a prerecorded video found below, to read the Proclamation. The session ended by inviting all members to participate in a worldwide solemn assembly and Hosanna Shout.

It was a nice coincidence that President Nelson specially read the new Proclamation in Palmyra shared through a prerecorded video during the conference when I was viewing other videos too of the First Vision in Palmyra.  

After the conference session ended, I found the proclamation document online here.

Postdated comments:

On the following weekend after Conference was Easter celebration and I made this comment on my Facebook page where I had shared about the Easter online celebration by our Church, "In my 7 year research on the deep topic of Human Consciousness, Caroline Myss whose book I read, "Anatomy of the Spirit', which shares her skill as a medical intuitive person in her life in this Easter Video seem to suggest she is awakening to understand the Savior and his purpose. Listen to her speak sincerely here https://bit.ly/34HsDcf"

Why I was inspired to share this comment is that most Western writers who are science based tend to write with a style of being politically correct to classify their context to be Spiritual in nature instead of mentioning the Savior's name.  I'm glad when I started writing this Spiritlane journal just over 40 years ago at this point in writing, I shared my testimony about Jesus Christ with an introduction found here.

How powerful and timely indeed that the bold proclamation document of the Church was released to the world! In my Familylane journal post, I also made a first post in 2020 announcing current and future additions to our family that can be read here.

Besides Caroline Myss, others I had covered in my research whom I was inspired to check out of their views during this pandemic of the world is Gary Gustav who created a long video with his wife Linda to present their views here. 

12 July 2020
Church talk for zoom meeting

Monday 17 Aug 2020
With partial MCO still in operations, I had time to view many relevant videos about our world pandemic to find this interesting video of one of our Apostles being interviewed online :

I was truly surprised that I could find an Apostle of our Church rambling in an interview to appreciate his shared experience on this season of COVID-19 pandemic that allowed us to have more personal time like I had to view more videos as depicted below:

So I didn't feel guilty to lay on my deck chair to watch more YouTube videos way past midnight but look at this video below I happened to come across!

Wow.. I was wondering is this my lucky streak or continued personal revelation I've been receiving all my life even without the need of COVID-19? The producer/owner of the video Jodi Stoddard had changed the authorization of sharing the video to only through the original YouTube video found here.

3 Sep 2020

It was announced at the end of August last month, as we celebrated Malaysia's 63rd Independence or Merdeka day recorded here in my journal, that the partial lockdown would continue to 31st Dec of this year. The continued lockdown conditions was not unexpected as world conditions of the pandemic has not improved or even worsened in advanced countries like the US.

I used the additional time of partial lockdown to spend quiet time researching on the internet as well as working on adding more content to my first book to be published. On this day I started early in the morning with an impression to search for some information that I had been looking for in a journal post written on a date over 41 years ago. Click here to go back to that journal post written in 1979 where I was overjoyed to be able to provide the missing information on this day. What a blessing and joy to accomplish something I've been trying to do for so many years!

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