Experiences, lessons learned & personal revelations received during the Covid19 pandemic

To be started soon, whole new experience and lessons! 

Postdated comment: The 'soon' took over a month because I realized my frequent updating of my Facebook page and responding to many comments distracted my attention! I've finally started and officially announced in FB that I would stop my regular posts until I've completed my other important goals of my life!

17 Sep 2022, 1.10 pm in Kuala Lumpur

My complete COVID era experiences continues from this post to share My Consciousness to my Family and Friends whom I've always loved and cherished.

Inspiration made me post this photo in Facebook on the day before:

So my account of what I've learned during this unprecedented era of my life begins here. The above newsprint copy that was published on Wed June 11, 2008 has relevance to my life in Malaysia that influenced me to this day to become a writer of truths of life, as I investigate it using what I refer to as God given gifts of my life i.e. being given a Body Mind Spirit for my Human Consciousness.

To be continued progressively from this date onwards, with constant error corrections, until I completely uploaded what has been in my Consciousness throughout our Pandemic era! (Copy this link https://bit.ly/3xwxdd4 to return here for the forth coming period of time as I won't be 100% active in Facebook until I've achieved to publish my first official book for real!)

Continue I will, to note that I had moved the family where the children were all born in Kuala Lumpur, to Singapore for the four younger boys basically for better education and a brighter future. The older two girl were already sent to the US earlier for their education. It was the year 2006 when we decided also that Singapore's hospital was the optimal place for my wife Geok Lee to receive treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer. Even before this, Singapore was an attractive place as a home for our family where I had many friends from school who have already migrated there.

We fought the cancer battle for 7 years before the mother of our family passed on to be remembered here.

Let's move on quickly to lessons learned during the pandemic. A key to learning more was finding a source of true information to even pay or subscribe to it monthly with a sample of a video below with reference to how truths were distorted my mainstream media as well as online media that would restrict truths being revealed to the public such as YouTube:

Click here to see a compilation of videos I've collected that will share the news that mainstream media have been hiding from the world!

I do break my silence in Facebook now and then simply because it's my interaction tool with over 2.4k Family and Friends. Interaction is a topic of my research on the subject of Human Consciousness and devoted this website to explain its power www.PowerOfInteraction.info

To be continued...

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