Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy

To all who may have misunderstood someone or feel angry in their life for the misunderstanding of others about us, as I myself have experienced. I like to share with you what I do in life to stay Optimal, meaning doing the best I can within the resources or means that I have.

My mind would try to think of some music or song that has always inspired me like this one. Take a little time to watch and listen to see if you can get any inspiration :

For me such spiritual messages quickly gets my mind back to a more Optimal state but sometimes a bad thought may be stubborn to want to stick longer with us. So I change from passive mind mode to active body mode by some physical activity as shared in my Monday morning facebook greeting below :

So from the pics above, you can see that I got myself busy using the possible stubborn negative energy inside me to be used to clean out stubborn stains in our Singapore home. Then something extraordinary happens to me when a special friend dropped by to visit me. You can click this link to another post of my meetings with friends who suffer from mental illness or just listen to the recording below I made of this meeting to know how a song or hymn can help the person change his mental state quickly :

I shared with my special friend the experiences of others from Ted Talks.

Hope you understand and appreciate the message I'm trying to convey taken from my simple every daily life experiences!

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