The Spirituality behind the stories I write including the Story of 7

This October month is our familylane celebration of all those born this month and that includes me. The above is a cartoon sketch that Han posted to me on facebook and I used it to become my facebook cover photo on my birthday. Facebook is a very successful social media program or apps of our time with 1/7th of the world's population or a billion people registered as users of which I am one of them. It has helped me simplify my previous work of the heart ie keeping in touch with all my family and friends through snail mails, DVDs and newsletters that I used to manually create and send out. I started using it since 2008 as this auto-created facebook movie reminds me.

Before facebook, I was inspired by Fei in 2005 to start blogging and later used youtube to upload family videos to it. Little did I know that Google, the fast growing software company had bought over the two applications I was using and integrated these apps to their Google+ social media platform that I have just started to use more seriously. I am delighted on my birthday month of turning 57 (chinese age haha!), checking my Google+ back office tells me I've approximately over 700,752 views of my profile and contents as the header of my Google+ profile page below reveals at this time of writing.

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Well it also shows that I seem to have 57 followers which I didn't really go out to recruit in any way. All I did was only to faithfully continue to write, photograph and create videos to share my simple every day life experiences that seem to have spiritual meaning to me. Hmm.. makes me wonder how could 57 followers generate so many views??? Some of the readers of my writings will know of my favorite lucky number 7 Story. To be honest I've never ever been ever superstitious nor kept anything as a lucky charm. Neither do I have any desire to gamble or play games of chance including investing in stocks or shares etc which I've learnt can be manipulated. I also happen to know of a number of people who eventually lost a lot of money in hoping to be rich through speculation or investment as the companies may call it. I just therefore prefer to live with the belief, "The harder I work, the Luckier I get."  In any case, I love sharing exciting stories that are true and hitting the 700k number of views for my consistent hard work of writing, creating videos and sharing is worth adding to my continuing Story of 7. The whole story started some years back out of fun with fast thinking and close observation of the recurring number of 7 in my life of the past and present activities!

I must say that writing my own personal journal in a book, encouraged at the time when I first joined the Church in 1979, has helped me develop a habit of writing and later tuned my mind to become more observant of daily events and its meaning. It has become truly a joy of my life, the work of my heart and mind one can say. With the advent of the computer and later the internet with blogger for writing journals, I started transferring some of my records to electronic text in word processing files which could later be put online with pics for easy access to write and update anywhere I am in the world. I could even do live video recordings of certain events like the weddings of my daughters or any other important event including the protest of the people of Malaysia against corruption among other things with the Bersih movement in the country.

The beauty of writing with today's technology with hyper text mark-up language or html is that I can write on a topic and provide links that gives more info or details of anything I've written. You would have noticed that I've done it in the above paragraphs and for demonstration of the usefulness of hyper links, you can test it by clicking here.

As I write about the Spirituality behind the stories I write, I will use more of these links so that the paragraphs of my explanation can be shorter, yet never inadequate to give more depth and breadth to what I write as one can click on the relevant links to look for it if desired. Here goes.....

..... Spirituality is really about the love or compassion behind what we do. I am not referring to romantic love nor what is referred to generally as a female traits in the world, though admittedly I today have to play the role of a Mr. Mom. Nor am I referring to God or religion, because while love, compassion, and spirituality have been to a great degree been adopted by various religious organisations and beliefs of God or Deity, here I express that love and spirituality do not necessarily imply or require a religious component or affiliation at all though admittedly I am a dedicated Mormon with a passionate love of God and our fellow men. Anyone can love deity and/or other people and everyone can be in their own way spiritual. So I have no problem with anyone who is religious in any faith they choose or with an atheist who have chosen not to believe in God. More important is I feel a person needs to have humanistic values with concern and respect of others who may be different from them.

I have been a leader and consultant in the business world and know that the world is demanding for change from traditional businesses. In modern times, more and more people, staff, customers demand and expect change. Leaders need now to care properly for people and the future of the planet, not just to make a profit and to extract personal gain. It is now more than ever necessary for corporations to make room for love and spirituality - to care for people and the world - alongside the need to make a profit. Perhaps the future resume for job applicants may have a look and feel that is quite different from what we get today. It is known that some even submit untrue claims just to make it stand out to be selected for an interview due to the overwhelming number of applicants for every job meant for graduates especially. How to change and be successful in business so I am asked? I merely tell them there is no easy answer but you may find some clues if you read my fastlane blog.

Happiness is perhaps an ultimate aim of everyone on this earth. It has become a state that is hard to have a singular definition or description as it varies from one individual to another which also varies from culture to culture. The variety include the state of a person's economic well being,  joy in relationships, accomplishments and even a sense of purpose that is larger than one's own life perhaps. The human mind is being studied in advance countries to help more people achieve what is called authentic happiness. Meanwhile demands for change are occurring by citizens to their governments through political systems, perhaps asking for more love and compassion than political speeches from leaders. If anyone wants to know what keeps me happy, I simply refer them to my website designed for PC when I first started work on digitizing our family records which continued on later with a new photo format style I created for smartphone view found at

My writings are really quite everyday experiences of mine that make up my journey of a life that keeps me wanting to engage in it more and more. I believe the human gift of language is born of the desire to connect, to share our experience with each other. In as much as the journey has taken me through surprising twists and turns, peak and troughs, I must say that it has amazingly given me more zest in life. I want to engage more than to retreat as every experience taught me more truths to fill my youthful desire of wanting to learn and experience for myself more of and about life. While many are said to be ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of truth, I could be the fortunate few blessed with a testimony of truth to start off with and spent my lifetime verifying and enjoying living it through what I call the experiments of life that I took upon myself. The details are always recorded in my BMS Body Mind Spirit blog journals where Familylane is representative of the Body domain, Fastlane the Mind domain and Spiritlane the Spirit domain. All three can be found and read on PC or Smart Phones through this newer website.

The Story of 7 is really only the tip of the iceberg of all that I have experienced and it has become a metaphorical answer that I use to explain miracles of my life. "How sure am I that the miracles I've experienced are from God?",  I've asked myself before others might ask me. My answer is purely a statistical response. It goes something like this...say you have two dices and you seek for a confirmation of something from God by 'rolling the dice' so to speak and all you have are two dices to roll and observe the outcome. What if you rolled the two dices 7 times and the number 7 total shows up 7 times in a row? Would you believe that God had given you the confirmation you had sought for? Well, that is what symbolically happened to me in the series of events that occurred in my life. Without reference to divinity or any religion, I have used this simple metaphor in place of orally taking time to share the details of what actually happened which I believe had a divine intervention. Full-length details are of course shared in my spiritual blog post, starting from here, where one can read a true and detailed account of my spiritual life as well as my thoughts, anytime anywhere at their own pace without fear or favor. I realize that when reaching toward our biggest life's mysteries and deepest unanswered questions, words seem never enough and yet they are all we have. But I believe an optimal path can be chosen and that is one of simply doing our best to express what we feel and what we think or what we wonder and what we know. I call this our Consciousness.

In all my desire to express and share, does that mean I feel I am more perfect or greater than the next man? Definitely not as I have long realized or acknowledged my own infirmities but in the search for truth, it became a process that enlightened me to understand not only the purpose of life but also the process of how life can become more meaningful, productive and happy. My love and compassion for others drive me to help others obtain their rightful inheritance of optimal relationships, knowledge, and happiness. For that, I'm kept busy each day engaging with those who seek for Companionship, Success, and Faith as they try to Connect, Synergize and Futurize with me.  

Connect * Synergize * Futurize

As stated earlier, I am a user of Facebook and I do actively connect with others through this media, some on a one to one basis while many others through listening or reading what others share publicly. At the same time, I've used the media to actively and publicly share the optimal feelings and thoughts of my Heart and Mind. Facebook is very interactive and also allows very up-to-date news or information to be shared quickly and conveniently as well as safely due to security features that are provided. With technological links between various internet media platforms, I've optimized the facility to share thoughts and stories from one platform to another so that facebook short posts and comments can be shared in the stories of my blog posts like below :

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My stories following this post will continue in a country I consider my Holy land or the place where I had first learnt about Spirituality in the year I turned 21 in my life. This can be read in the next post.

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