Writing my resume with a strong spiritual background

I have never had to write a resume for myself as I have more often than not created jobs for myself as a professional entrepreneur that I classify myself. Anyone who continues to self-create himself or herself with changing times I believe will find it challenging to write up a resume that may make sense to others but here is my attempt. I feel I can only do this due to the strength of my inner logic in coming to terms with my spiritual self. In simpler terms, I am an independent management consultant, a public speaker, and a writer. My Malaysian friend who migrated to the USA to become a leading economist with the World Bank for 25 years called me a serial entrepreneur shared in this casual video recording with him. Here is a write-up about me that I feel comfortable to unofficially share with others :

About Me

This paper serves to have you know me fairly well in one reading. I feel I am an ordinary man with extraordinary achievements in my life as has been well documented. (Press Media: www.itcgroup.blogspot.com ) I have merely found a way or pattern to learn and re-learn, apply and adapt in changing situations. I have found this useful not only to solve problems of life but to move forward to achieve optimal(meaning best possible) performance in any situation, be it at home, at work or in the communities I am involved with. I believe I created my own flowing and yet stable mindset that I desired, inspired by reading ‘Future Shock’ by Alvin Toffler in my younger days, which is to help me feel secure in an anticipated constantly changing world.  Achieving “Constancy Amidst Chaos” would become my forte.

I was fortunate to have a good basic foundation in education from young, coming from a professional family of surveyors, an engineer, a town planner, and a doctor. Early in elementary school, the simple motto of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ deeply impressed me and I did just exactly that for my own life up to this date and even passed it on to my next generation.  It turned out to be an amazing life for me full of life-changing experiences, whether good or bad in worldly terms, all being of great value for me indeed in the longer term. I turned the experiences to become mindsets or algorithms with processes that I could repeat at will when desired and that effectively helped me to be always positive, healthy, and happy. This, however, is not obtained by putting the mind in a deluded state of denial of the real problems that exist. Instead, it is a mindset that always has an answer or solution to a problem and produces the energy or motivation to do what is necessary to achieve improvement or a breakthrough.

I had also learned the concept of taking on challenges and being independent as early as 8 when I walked home alone from school when my father was late to pick me up. At age 12, I told my mother I would take the public bus to school by myself in Kuala Lumpur,  a real challenge then in those days, instead of being chauffeured by her. The pure science stream was my early training at middle school but after my above-average results in the O levels examination, I followed my father's advice to become an accountant. I, therefore, had to take on subjects of the art stream that were new to me like economics and accounting together with other basic subjects like mathematics or geography which I completed within 1 year of study to sit for the Victorian High School Certificate examination. My results qualified me for free tertiary education in Australia. This was the first milestone of my ability to change at will with optimal breakthrough results at least in the academic world.

Before I went down to the continent they called 'Down-Under', I decided to explore countries in the northern hemisphere. With my savings of allowances and Chinese New Year cash collections from family, plus cash rewards for my impressive exam results, I managed to buy a return Aeroflot ticket to London for RM1300. From there I backpacked the countries in Europe, traveling by train most of the time. Seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, exploring the ruins of Pompeii in Southern Italy, passing the dikes of Holland, and going as far north as Oslo Scandinavia to experience the cold dark year-end winter was part of my mind-opening experiences on this trip. I did this all on my own, traveling alone and returning home after covering 13 countries in Europe. This was another milestone in my life of my ability to take on challenges and be independent in life.

Little did I know that I would return to Europe again 13 years later in 1989 for business as the CEO of one of my creative companies in Malaysia exhibiting our world-class software at the world-renowned Hanover Fair in Germany, chosen by the government as one of the nine successful companies in Malaysia to market our IT products to the international market. I have to date traveled to over 30 countries (See My Travelogue.)

Australia was the perfect environment to test my ability to take on challenges, change optimally, and be independent. In my first year at the university in 1977, as I was taking all the business subjects of economics, statistics, accounting, and law, I was attracted to the new field of computers as I observed that the business or accounting students avoided computer subjects as those who took it struggled or failed. Likewise, for computer science students, accounting was the subject they avoided for similar reasons. I took on the challenge to do both to graduate with a business degree with dual majors in accounting and computers. During my time in  Australia, I had also worked for practical experience and saved money to explore the country, learning new skills of scuba diving for abalone, downhill snow skiing, water skiing, motorbike scrambling, golfing, and canoeing, not forgetting cricket and Aussie football rules. I made lifelong friends there whom I would still visit today again to renew our long friendships.

Just before returning home, a major change occurred in my life. A near-death motorbike accident experience made me realize that with all the knowledge I had received thus far, I still did not know what was the true purpose of life or what lay for me after death. That was something that neither my family nor school had ever taught me. I took the challenge to discover these truths, joined a Church that was introduced to me, and follow its tenets to see what would be the outcome. The result was a host of spiritual experiences whereby I received a personal revelation to serve on a voluntary mission for 2 years. I was sent back to my home country to help in the early beginnings of the Church in Malaysia. After my service, I found an amazing woman to marry and eventually raised 6 children together while I continued to serve as a voluntary leader in the Church in Malaysia which had 2 branches under 1 district when I first came home from Australia and by the year-end of 2012 is reported to have 32 branches under 8 districts! This was a major milestone in my life that taught me how to listen to spiritual promptings in life to make optimal decisions that brought breakthrough results.

I had started my working life as a public auditor to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. I then left the audit profession as I could not align my personal values with the practice of producing financial reports that were not 'true and fair'. This was due to strong persuasion from clients who pay the audit bills! Many years later, the dissolution of the world-famous Arthur Anderson audit firm because of the Enron Corporation scandal truly justified my decision. (Read about the Enron case here and the fate of Arthur Andersen here who was once one of the "Big Five" five largest accounting firms in the world that became today the Big Four.) I maintained my corporate management skills and capitalized on my IT and leadership skills to help companies achieve optimal and even breakthrough performance. This was made possible by an optimal mindset I had acquired by applying my creative visualization and inter-disciplinary skills  As the principal consultant and acting as CEO for some organizations, I measured my performance by the number of clients or customers I could grow ie. from the hundreds to the thousands. I knew I had achieved service quality in multiple departments or areas to enable rapid growth for the organizations concerned.

When I later had to lead international sales and marketing companies, I proved to myself my optimal mindset could lead an organization from ground zero in one country to USD30, or RM100 million sales at that time, in just one year. I was pleased with my achievements which confirmed that I was on the right track. It was an art and science of processing past experiences and information to apply them in new scenarios that come with new information to finally produce an understanding or output for the best or optimal strategic decision to be made. I could do this in a totally new time frame or type of industry I am thrown in, given the access to minimum resources that I had configured or worked out.

I had become what I had always desired i.e. to be useful and helpful to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The business world is the perfect environment to test my abilities to take on such challenges, change optimally and remain independent. I need not be a yes man or a slave to the very people who caused the problems in their organizations in the first place with their poor leadership and suboptimal mindsets.  A new milestone came into my life over time. It is considered new as it is not the one that measures how much money I had generated for an organization as that was already evident in my track record. I visualized this new milestone as how much money I had lost for not going along with projects offered by the principals whose values were not aligned with mine. Achieving this is what I call a spiritual milestone that may seem foolish to many.  For all that God had done for me and my family plus all that he had revealed to me in my lifetime, I would never be at peace if I cannot align the values that he had carved into my life with the work that I would do in my lifetime.

Was it accounting that I was good at or computers or people management? Or maybe it was in training or problem solving or marketing perhaps? My well-documented track record reflects high competency in all those disciplines. I humbly acknowledge that it was merely acquiring an optimal balance of my life led by the Spirit of God that made me who I am with the ability to learn and master the various disciplines of life. I was blessed with spiritual guidance and developed a system of managing processes or habits in life that anyone could follow if they were humble and teachable. I can help individuals overcome fears that keep them from being able to change their lives for the better. I rounded my overall experience in life to become a management consultant, public speaker, and writer. (Updates here) Through modern technology of the web and apps on cell phones, I found I could be helping even more people, organizations, and communities throughout the world as I had already started in the past when technology was not as good as it is today! I look forward to each day being joyful and helpful to others in the most optimal way.

Nobody is Perfect, No not even Me. But if you have a desire for continuous improvement, always learning without fear, then you can become more like me or even better than me. This is my sincere desire as an aspiring author for all my readers whom I believe can even teach me more things in return, to be an example and motivation to me of OPTIMAL change as my children are to me today, the NEXT GENERATION for the future of Mankind.

"Anyone can become angry -- that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way-- this is not easy."
ARISTOTLE, The Nicomachean Ethics

Chong Sun Fu


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