Continuing life with the spiritual eye opened

My experience in Church helped me realize as I had always suspected in the days of my youth, though I was not brought up in a religious family, that life has a spirtual meaning. I had felt as a human being, there must be an ultimate purpose of our existence. We cannot be just material biological organisms created by chance but must have some unique relationship to entities that are beyond time and the material world. It took a near death experience early in my life to wake me up to realize that I did not have that spiritual meaning. At a timely moment, messengers were sent to me to teach me.

So as I embarked upon my new phase of life filled with responsibilities, my decisions were heavily influenced by the spiritual compass I had discovered that would point me perhaps to my true destiny. I had already learnt, from my remarkable experience of being called to serve on a voluntary mission, that I can leave conventional wisdom and be led to fulfil a spiritual calling with confidence that what I am doing is the right thing at that moment. I had learnt to listen to personal revelation which come as a spiritual guidance to help me make what I call Optimal decisions that could even lead me to display miraculous performances that I have recorded when they occurred.

I shall begin to try to relate these experiences in the busiest time of my life, encompassing family life, my work life as well as church life, in this spiritlane blog. I believe that in all the three aspects of my preoccupation in life, I have been heavily influenced by my spiritual eye or perspective that all things are spiritual in nature. That we are not alone!

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