A Life filled with continuous change

I believe I was born in an Era subject to continuous and rapid change. This spirit of change somehow was fused into my blood through the series of experiences that began from childhood, that continued through adolescence and even in my mature years, I am continuing to face the elements of constant change, more so than perhaps that of previous years. Now I am not referring purely to changes that occur to our physical, mental or emotional well being due to the natural aging process which is inevitable but changes brought about from external forces. This includes the force of technological change, socio-economic changes and more recently environmental change.

Somehow I adapted well, not only to find success in adapting to change but I began to master it and could help many others successfully change for the better. How did I learn to master it and how was I able to help others change successfully too?

To answer the first question, I had to be unafraid to explore and work with my mind to know how to learn things not only logically but also visually or creatively. I really began to make progresss only when I became more aware of my own pattern of flawed learning and realized why I was a slow learner and bloomed only later at the end of my primary or elementary school years. I started to become more aware of myself, the beginning of my self awareness of how my mind worked with my heart. It was only after I began to fully realize my imperfections and that of people and things around me that I started on the path of positive change. I call it the Spirituality of Imperfection. To read more, click here .

To answer the second question, I was able to help others change successfully too because I had gone through the challenge myself and understood the processes it took to become a changed person. And when I had learned it, the feelings of my heart led me to want to share with others and make them successful and happy too. Thus my Heart and Mind became one that worked together to achieve remarkable changes in myself and that of others too.

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