The beginning of Career, Family and Church leadership

After 15 years of education at school up to the University level, 3 years of spiritual education in the Church of which 2 were in a full time mission and 24 moulding years of a very experiential learning life,I realised I was crossing a new threshold in my life.

I was now embarking into an area where RESPONSIBILITY became a more active noun for me. When I started work as a Public Auditor in a professional firm(1st Sep 1982), I was already exercising my professional responsibility, or at least that was my first impression. (Much more to be said about this later.) When I married Geok Lee(22nd Dec 1982), I took over a custodial responsibility from her father to continue to give love and care to her as a husband. When our first child was born (14th June 1984), a father's responsibility came upon me not just once but five more times as a father of 6 children today! On 16 Sep 1984, the Church further gave me pastoral responsibility by calling me to be the Branch President of Kuala Lumpur Branch of about 80 members. I remember sharing my humorous thought when called to speak on that day saying that after just becoming a father, the new calling made me feel like I had 80 grand-children all at one go!

So after crossing this threshold, most of my recordings in the journal will be filled with experiences of exercising my responsibilities in family, church and my career. The sum of my experiences is a spiritual one, constantly touching my heart and mind, so that my comments on this blog should still appropriately follow the theme of 'Spiritlane'.

My colleagues in the Chartered Public Accounting and Audit firm

Receiving the bride from her father

Coming home from the hospital with our first baby

KL branch in the early 80s

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