The Journey speeds up into the FASTLANE

After it was established that the Singapore Girl and I were very much like soul mates, I made frequent trips to Singapore to see her as she was already working while I was in the process of seeking employment after my mission. There were times when I would even walk with her to see her get on her company bus to work and be there for her again when she returned at the end of the day. From this experience, the names of the cartoon character Andy Kapp who was jobless and his wife Flo who went to work, depicting the situation in the Great Depression years, was stuck with us. It was not till many years later when she started to go back to school and work again while I rested at home that Andy and Flo resurfaced!

Soon I found work as an Auditor with a Public Accounting firm. It became harder to make trips to Singapore to see my soulmate so the telephone bills became higher as a result of our long distance dating on the phone! Then suddenly something happened that speeded up our courtship. My mother who was ill with diabetes for many years whom my family had feared would pass away during my mission, ((Click here to read a previous post about it) ) failed to get out of bed on the morning of 22 Oct 1982. A Chinese tradition came into effect on our relationship upon my mother's death. I was to either marry my wife to be within 3 months from the date of death or wait till 3 years later! We already felt the strain of keeping a long distance relationship that we had just barely started so the thought of having to maintain the distance for another 3 years seem to make the decision a simple one to make. We set the date for our marriage to be on 22 December 1982!

It was indeed a very short courtship. Things were happening very fast. From our first date in Jon Lim's home on 12 June 1982 we later became engaged on 6 Aug 1982. We now had fixed a date of our marriage registration which would be just 6 months from our first date together. It is as if we all grew up overnight and found ourselves on the 'fastlane' of life. Thus is born the adjective that became the central theme of my personal and professional life to the extent that the website was created as a window to my professional entrepreneur's life.

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