It is finished

On 17th April 1982, we had a missionary zone conference where the Mission President announced to us the new policy where Elders called after 1st April will serve for a term of 18 months only instead of the usual 24. For us who have been called earlier, we have an option to continue right through the 24 months or terminate early. Elder Soon had to leave earlier to make it in time to continue his studies in the US. Considering that we were already short of missionaries in the country, I had decided to stay to the end. It was difficult as there were periods of time where there was no missionary companion for me. However on 30th May 1982 or Day 672 of my mission, on a District Conference weekend, the Mission President Talmage Jones finally felt it was best to release me and I went home.

Post-development comments :

Little did I know that what I had finished was only the beginning of a lifetime of events to follow shared in this Photo Album for my membership in the Church and this blog post for the activities of my life!

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