Power of Prayers

Even before my mission, I had experienced the power of prayers but what I had discovered that as missionaries, our prayers seem to be even more effective. We had prayed for the sick and the sick were healed, we prayed for protection and we were protected, we prayed for the Lord to find the right people to teach and we were led to find them.

On two specific incidences, when door keys were stuck in the key hole or could not be unlocked, I had personally prayed for it to be unstuck or unlocked and so they were! (Recorded on the mission journal, Day 510 and Day 637)

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Bookslinger said...

I'd like to share some ideas for missionary work, specifically for finding people to teach.

I like to give out foreign language Books of Mormon to people who speak those languages. I've given out over 700 books to over 400 people in over 50 languages. Check out my blog at:


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