Now the beginning of another life packed with adventure, excitement and more faith promoting stories

After my mission, I went home to take care of family matters especially to be with my ailing mother who lived long enough for the entire time of my mission as I had pleaded with Heavenly Father (See the previous post)

I spent time with my mother, painted the house and did whatever repair work, paperwork and anything that I could contribute to that was amiss while I was away. Soon I had to look for employment but an important priority seems to await me in Singapore. I was an obedient returned missionary of President Kimball's whose advice for all young men was, first a mission then education and marriage. Well, I had already completed the first two though education came first for me as that was before I knew the Church so the thoughts of marriage came strongly to my mind.

In one of the visits to Singapore during my mission, on 22nd July 1981, I accompanied my companion Elder Sng who was invited to the home of a single adult named Thong Geok Lee for dinner. She apparently was in the same Single Adult family home evening group with Paul before he went on a mission. On that night, Geok Lee whom I had only known briefly before my mission caught my attention. (See the family blog posting entitled, "Singapore my Second Home)

She was only a high school girl in uniform with pigtails when I first met her and she seems to have matured so quickly over the 2 years. I secretly took down her home number to follow-up after my mission. So while I was painting the walls, I was filling my mind with imagination as to how I would approach her in Singapore for a date. In my entire single adult life at the University in Australia, I had never really dated anyone other than looking to invite someone to accompany me for a university dance every now and then. I wasn't sure how I was going to approach the Singapore Girl and there was no Church ball coming up to invite her too!

As I continued to paint the wall each day, the ideas starting flowing to my mind and at last, I got it!!!

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