The Door Knock

It was not long after this accident that I received two smartly dressed gentlemen at my doorstep who introduced themselves as Elders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They said they had a message to share with me and I invited them to my room at 40 Skene St. Newtown, a house that a group of us students had rented from a Dr.Williams next door. When I first heard the account of Joseph Smith's First Vision from the Elders, I became very interested to hear more and continued to invite the Elders to visit me.
I felt that if this was true, the knowledge gained from this visitation would be even more important than that of Man going to the Moon. I therefore listened eagerly and was very impressed with what I had heard. I was even given the Book of Mormon as a way to find out if what I heard was true, that Joseph Smith did indeed see God and that he was indeed a prophet of God.

The Elders later introduced Craig Sandford as a fellowshipper to me who is a single adult member from the branch at that time.


Anonymous said...

Sun Fu;
My name is Dave Stanbrough. I was one of the missionaries who knocked on your door at 40 Skene st. It was and is a bittersweet experience for me. My companion was Elder Stephen Brown, and I was a new missionary. We taught you, and I remember you were ready to learn. You wanted to know more about Christianity, but had no background or knowledge of it, since you had grown up as a Buddhist. Our struggle was one that was intensified because you wanted proof in a purely scientific and intellectual way. The Holy Ghost speaks to us spirit to spirit. Sometimes He communicates through sharpening the intellect, but for me, it has been always a burning deep within my soul. When we tried to teach those principles to you, we met great resistance-a brick wall. I remember we had an an appointment with you. Elder Brown said that we should fast for you previous to the appointment. It was a miserable, cold rainy day, and we had been fasting since the evening before. I was tired, cold and wet, and we came to the appointment. We had fasted so that you would feel the Spirit, and that it would move you positively towards Heavenly Father, and membership in His kingdom. We taught you, and the discussion bogged down once again with the idea of what we could prove. Somewhat frustrated, the Spirit directed me to bear my testimony, which I did. I cried. You cried. The only one who wasn't blubbering was Elder Brown, who pointed out that the Spirit was testifying in abundance. We left. Upon arrival at our flat, Elder Brown suggested that we extend our fast. He was enthused at the progress you showed. I, on the other hand, was tired, cold, and hungry. Morover, I thought that if Sun Fu had indeed felt the spirit, and been testified to by that member of the Godhead, he would not be requiring further proof, or impartial to our message. I was inexperienced in missionary work, and lacked the great faith that Elder Brown displayed. Shortly after that, I was transferred. Elder Brown was permitted by the Lord to continue teaching Sun Fu because of his great faith, and with a new companion, saw fulfillment in his labors. I was transferred, and went to a new area, and did not have the priveledge to teach Sun Fu any longer. So it was a bittersweet experience for me, and a great lesson in faith, humility, and sacrifice. I personally want to offer my apologies to Sun Fu for selling him out as Esau of old, because I was hungry, tired and cold. But I would like to thank him for what I learned first hand that I could learn in no other way. Sun Fu truly is my brother, and I thank him for what I learned from him. All the best, Dave

Dad the KL city kid said...

Thanks Dave for sharing something that I would never have known!