The Accident

Life had been going so well for me until one day, the unexpected occurred. I was riding on my blue Honda 175XL trail bike, passing through an intersection in the city in which I had the right of way. A car on my right that had stopped at the intersection started to accelerate just as I passed it. I lifted my right leg to avoid the bumper and the impact threw me off the bike and I had somersaulted onto the ground. I quickly picked myself up to discover only a small cut on my last right finger and a damaged bike with a bent right frame. My immediate reaction was to point at the Aussie male driver who had rushed out of his car towards me, who instantly exclaimed that it was his fault and I also pointed him to the several witnesses around us of this fact. He made no attempt to avoid responsibility and introduced himself as a solicitor who would have his insurance cover the damages. This he did and I was fully compensated for the damages. What the driver didn't realize was that the accident had a greater effect on my life than the more obvious physical damages. My life from then on was never to be the same again.

The greater impact of the accident was that it caused me to ask a number of "what if and then what?" questions. I began to ponder 'what if' I had been killed in that accident, then everything that I had ever achieved, my certificates, my worldly awards, etc. would be of no use. I began to project my life forward with 'what if' thoughts. After my graduation, I will probably be working on my career, and then what? I'll probably find a wife and then what? I'll most likely have children and then what? I suddenly realized that I didn't have an answer to the purpose of life other than doing what is normally expected of a man. Is that what life is all about and isn't there something more? What if I was killed on that day as it seems that if so, everything I had worked so hard to achieve would simply be wasted. What then should I be working for or living for?

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