The Controversies begin.

Following the short six or seven discussions thereafter, I had learned so much about the purpose of life that I became exceedingly enthused about my newfound knowledge. Meanwhile, a meaningful friendly Aussie housemate named Robbie who was impaired in hearing and had to use hearing aids expressed his concern of my meeting with the "Mormon" Elders. He felt that I should talk to Dr.Williams next-door who was an active Baptist. This is where my openness and sincere desire to know of truth led me to an interesting discovery of the controversy surrounding the Christian faith. Dr. Williams warned me about the Mormon teachings but didn't have much to convince me that he had a greater portion of the truth. Robbie then brought me to his minister of the Church of Christ, a Pastor K.A.Rankin of 1 Laurel Bank pde. He took some time to point out inconsistencies in Mormon doctrine and history, which I now realise after rereading his written notes to me, were extracts from typical 'Anti-Mormon' literature spread by many Christian churches.

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