My years of research on Anti-Mormon literature that built my Consciousness

Little did I know that a Facebook post I made on 4 Jan 2017 below could lead to the creation of this blog post about a week later. I started to pull out published books from my stack of shelves including filed notes and photocopied documents from my filing cabinets which were created at the time when I was investigating what the world called the 'Mormon Church' in Geelong Australia in the year 1979. My latest trip back to Australia in 2014, particularly Melbourne and my old college town of Geelong where Mormon missionaries first found me has been shared in this blog post.

So much has changed in the world since 1979 especially in the field of computer technology when personal computers at that time were just coming out to the marketplace and had not replaced minicomputers yet in offices nor was it found in every home like today. Even when personal computers started to be used in every home, the world wide web or Internet to connect every computer to each other had not been created yet. For this reason, all information and experiences of my early years when I had just joined the Church were kept in physical paper journals, files and photocopied documents as opposed to being kept digitally in a personal computer today whereby the Internet technology in existence allow convenient sharing of information.

The reader can click the comments icon at the bottom left of the post above or read them by clicking 'See More' below to follow the story of why this post was created :

I decided to respond with comments to his Facebook post instead of the original post that was found in my Facebook group of returned missionaries to avoid negativism in a group I created for positivism.  For the purposes of this blog post, I copied the comments from his post in his Facebook timeline to the above post in my timeline so that it can be embedded here as follows :

I responded to Duncan :
Can you "copy and paste" which parts of the article that you claimed to make the article "horrendous" or gave you the understanding of what you wrote in your response today as "did a great job of painting a picture of ex-Mormons or anti-Mormons as the chief proponents of immorality in the world today." You're the English teacher from England but I am only a Malaysian Chinese with mixed languages or Asian dialects and need an accurate explanation from you that is detailed to show me by copying and pasting which sentences of the article gave you the interpretation that you claimed openly. I can address further anti-Mormon claims of Joseph Smith being a fraud etc which isn't new, but that really wasn't my interest in responding to you. In simple language from my mind, "How the heck did you get that conclusion from that article that I read over and over again but couldn't see which parts could lead you to the conclusion that you shared openly?" 

His response :

After I had given the link to him again, he responded as follows :

"I found myself a little agitated with the following excerpts:

Anti-Mormonism isn’t just about getting people to lose faith in our Church, it’s about getting people to lose faith in God, in Christ, in revelation, in religion

Or, in other words, the goal of Atheism is to destroy the agency of man. At least, to the extent possible.
Ultimately, this is what anti-Mormonism intends to accomplish.

For the alternative, is the Atheism that would guide our civilization into the abyss if ever we give it the chance

They pretty much made the decision that every Mormon who leaves the church becomes an atheist, and then went from one false notion to the next by declaring that atheism will prove to be the scourge of the world.

Don't misunderstand my intentions here, there were many parts of that article which I liked and found myself nodding to. But the driving narrative present was clear to see. They even posted a comment beneath the post explaining that the impressions I picked up while reading, were in fact not the impressions they were trying to convey! Ha!"

Then he added this comment, "I actually read this article and a counter article one after the other, a view from both sides. Here is the link to that one:"

Post-dated comment 
12 April 2021
( The above link doesn't work anymore as it happens when some modifications are made by the original web creator at a latter time. I could only find these two links by searching online with the same original title in the url 1. and 2.

This is a time of the 2nd year of the COVID19 pandemic in our world. As one who has been writing journals since I was encouraged to do so after joining the Church in 1979, I've recently compiled all my journals that became online or converted to be so later in life when I found time, to be collected at Thanks to my journals covering a variety of areas of my active life since I joined the Church, I can be a faithful writer to make an honest short comment about anti-Mormon literature at this time of our world crisis as well as a note on how the world has become since 1979:
People have not changed since 1979 to find that they are always bias to their own beliefs. This doesn't only apply in religions but also in politics. All I know is that I am just an ordinary man with a curiosity to keep learning in life to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. This includes my ability to figure out what is "Fake News" reported about the politics of USA in 2020 due to reporting of opposite news by CNN and Fox News from my journal of American politics shared by clicking here.)

I responded : "Ahhh No wonder! You read the views from the other side which is good as I always hear from both sides too and make my own independent decision not intellectually alone but also with prayer and study. You've motivated me to complete my old journals of the past with the new topic of "Anit-Mormon literature" which I've always wanted to do but was too busy. A debate is a motivation for me and hence I will with that new current energy, thanks to your opinions. I have decided to do that post to include all my 'experiences' since I joined the Church at the year when I was turning 21. I am a detailed researcher and writer so it will take time.  Do have a look at the post already started with this Facebook post embedded in it as that is my new format of latest blog posts this year in doing my blogs to save time in filling it with fresh words as the time saved is used to complete the writing and publishing of my first book by this year. Hmm.. or maybe next year haha as the project is really HUGE, writing on the theme of Human Consciousness! Here is the post I will continue my responses to your opinions and comments -"

The link I gave him leads to this blog post which will not only show how or why misunderstandings or misinterpretations occurred in the dialogue between Duncan and I but will also include a sharing of my research experience of Anti-Mormon literature over the years. As my time is also preoccupied with other matters at the start of this year besides working on my book to be published, it will take time for me to complete this blog post and will work on it progressively.

On the early morning of Sunday 15 Jan 2017, I started to pull out my old files to review old docs of my handwritten journals and photocopies since my investigation and baptism to the LDS Church :

In my journal post found at the beginning of this blog post recording my early experiences of having pastors or ministers of other Christian denominations warning me about joining the 'Mormons', I already noted that they seem to have a different way of reading the Bible with their own interpretation of Gospel principles. In the journal post mentioned, I actually caught the mistake of interpretation of a trainee priest quoting John 10:30 which read, "I and my Father are One" to mean there is only one personage of God when the statement was referring to the unity of the Son and the Father!

Later I was even brought to a senior minister of another Church, Pastor  K.A. Rankin of 1 Laurel Bank Pde in Newtown Geelong near the home I had been staying during my university years. He made a greater effort to convince me with handwritten detailed notes of why Mormon scriptures and teachings were in error, making comparisons to the Bible. A covering letter was typewritten to me to accompany his notes to me shown below :

I was impressed how the senior pastor could write so much as I wondered how did he have time to analyze the 'Mormon' scriptures and doctrines to point out the differences to traditional Protestant Christian theology handed to me only a short time after we first met. I soon found the answer. He must have had a copy of one of the many books published in the world as seen below:

Australia was a mainly a Protestant Christian country well equipped with these so-called "anti-Mormon" books that were published in the US where the LDS church originated from and where opposition already began in the early 1800s when the Church first started. 

I came across these books later and knew how the senior pastor could merely copy the text to write out the main points to me easily to show why any 'Mormon' doctrine was erroneous. There was one point that disturbs me when the anti-'Mormon' book claimed translators of the book of Hebrews in the new testament, particularly Goodspeed, had revealed that the priesthood in "untransferable" as shown below :

Now I was not a theologian and I had little time to research theology. I relied on faith and prayers to Heavenly Father to guide me. On the day I went to visit the trainee priest mentioned above, he lived in the grounds of a Christian Theological College. They had a large library in the basement of the college building and I asked permission if I could visit the library. The library was huge that filled the entire long basement of the large building. I didn't know where to start looking but with a prayer in heart, I was guided to walk to a shelf and pulled out a book. It was about translation translations of the bible and when I opened by a page on Hebrews, I read that the text said the following to this effect, " Some translators like Goodspeed have translated that the priesthood is not transferable but others say it is. Ah.... so I learned that these anti-Mormon books will publish half-truths which are deceiving to the reader and I discovered this fact by faith on that day!

That was in 1979. I could not photostat a copy of the page I discovered in the library that day but was satisfied I found contrary evidence to what the anti-'Mormon' book had stated. God had answered my prayers and I remembered the name "Goodspeed". Thirty-eight years later today in 2017, I used google to find keywords of Hebrew translation by Goodspeed and found this page. It is from the book entitled "Kingdom of the Cults" screen captured and shared above.

Likewise I also today could find a page from Google that reveals the revelation that Goodspeed's translation was not necessarily true as many others translated Hebrew to say the priesthood is transferable as per the screen capture below:

The above page was found in a Fair'Mormon' website by clicking here.

Another experience to check a possible false claim by the anti-'Mormon' book was about the claim by the author that there was no fiery revival of Christianity by the many different denominations during the time of Joseph Smith as recorded in the history of the Church. To verify this, I merely had to go to the Geelong public library to find a book about the history of Christianity in America. I found a page that I could photocopy shown below with the enlarged extract at the bottom of it :


"Burned over ground" was used to describe how the region in New York state experienced repeated waves of revivalist excitement during the time of Joseph Smith.

So when I found one or two more major untruths in these anti-'Mormon' literature coupled with the very negative or caustic tone of the language used in these books, my mind could tell they are as good as fake news that America's current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has claimed in media like CNN news. I am glad that I am blessed with a logical and analytical mind to be able to discern truth from falsehood and have the Holy Ghost to guide me on many occasions of my life too.

Today, with the advancement of technology, many important manuscripts of the Church history can be shared to the public such as the original handwritten papers of Joseph Smith revelations received from God as in the above photo sourced from this website. It helps any genuine person research the true history of the Church and the life of the prophet Joseph Smith.

Talking about media in the US, I also read the above book by the author S.E. Cupp who claims that liberal media in America is causing the country to lose their main religion of Christianity that can be read here.

There are also philosophers using science who enthusiastically deny the existence of God with their intellectual logic and reasoning such as Daniel Dennet. Watch his long video lecture below, which is just one of the many videos of him sharing his strong beliefs no different from Anti-Mormon authors and creators of a no God or Jesus theory but haven't made any public remarks against the Mormons yet that I'm conscious of but he surely hits strongly against the Jesus followers of America for sure or try to prove their foolishness compared to what Science knows! Take a look at his views in the video below which starts with a long introduction of the man :

I love listening to his style of tongue-in-cheek expressions and how he articulates himself like a true philosopher to promote his science and imagery cum logic of his mind. He can stand up and speak out for what he believes with humor without worrying that his head may get cut off as in some religious areas of our world today or like in the old world where witches were burned on the stake in Europe. This stated fact has a connection with the existence of America where migrants came primarily from Europe to live in a new free country based on the rights of the individual. Through the founding fathers, the people created a constitution of the new nation that would separate religion and politics so that these two powerful institutions cannot gang up against any citizen of the country. The days of the Founding Fathers who influenced their American dollar bill to be printed, "In God We Trust" seem to be losing their appeal or influence today.

I later found out that Dan Dennet had ganged up with 3 others to be known as "The Four Horsemen" to stand for Atheism together. Take time to listen to this long video below to see how unity is strength when you hold a radical view different from a lot of other common people who are not philosophers or scientists like these men who dedicate themselves to "preach" their beliefs to influence others to know there are many logical reasons why there is no God like Dan Bennet above. They assume believers do not have any good reasons to believe in God at least in their minds except perhaps for reasons of fear or guilt!

The four men who are hardcore atheists, from left to right above, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Richard Hawkins and Sam Harris, known as "The Four Horsemen of New Atheism" recorded on 30th of September 2007 

Coming to know of these atheist influencers only supports the thoughts and writings of S.E. Cupp's book that I had in my research self a long time ago. I respect her book and writings as she sincerely classifies herself as an agnostic who shared her belief of how liberal media is attacking the majority of Christian American citizens subtly without repercussion unlike doing it to a minority group.

I've come across other scientists and intellectuals in social media who strongly believe in God like Jordan B. Peterson who is a match for intellectual or secular people like Sam Harris. Click here to learn more about him by watching videos on how he can handle Sam Harris in debates and discussions.

Interestingly, as early as 1983, the leaders of the LDS Church already talked about the secularization of the American society: Addressing the “minor but irritating challenges of misrepresentation,” Elder Maxwell counseled the leaders to develop a sense of history in order to put modern challenges into perspective. "We must not, as the Lord has instructed us, revile against those that revile. Let us instead be about our Father’s business in dignity and devotion.”

Critics of the Church are not a major concern, he said: “These tactical irritations are mere mosquitoes in the swamp. The real challenge is the spreading swamp itself, the growing secularization of the Western world. From the former, we receive some stings of criticism. From the latter, … we receive deepening indifference, if not hostility, towards all things spiritual.”

Elder Maxwell explained that since much of the Christian world now exists in that “secular swamp,” true Christianity seldom gets a hearing: “So many in the world regard Christianity not as untrue or even unthinkable, but simply as irrelevant. … Upon this sober scene has burst forth the full light of the everlasting gospel. … We bring fresh evidence and reassurance of Jesus’ reality, identity, and personality to a doubting and despairing world.”

In the elections of 2017, where Donald Trump won to become the 45th President of the United States, in his campaign around 18 months earlier, he repeatedly used the phrase ‘drain the swamp’.

Read more in this public post to understand what he meant.

The Witness of the Book of Mormon:

The Book of Mormon which is considered the keystone of the Mormon Church continues to stand as a witness to the world of the truthfulness of the Church and therefore the existence of a living God, with pieces of evidence named in the following video:

Note that the claims of the above video are not endorsed by the Church. They are outside the conditions of believing in the Savior and following his teachings as revealed in ancient scripture as well as to his chosen prophets of the past, or in modern times, in preparation for his Second Coming.

I never accepted the restored Gospel or God because I was given evidence that I was looking for as a student trained in the science stream during middle school to later qualify with a dual major in arts and science for my university degree. Instead, I merely followed commandments to see what happens, exercising my logical understanding of what a science experiment is about, and from this alone I received a series of miracles that have occurred not only during the early years of my faith in the Savior and following the guidance of the modern-day prophets of our Church but has been consistent throughout my life as I consistently chose the Savior and not the Devil to follow, repenting with sincerity and humility when I have fallen short of being a perfect man. I can testify strongly that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. 

I didn't get what we call scientific evidence but I got a lot more from the miracles I received in my faith of in the Savior. I used my education or logic-math intelligence to figure out all these anti-Mormon people including Atheist scientists today like Dan Dennet above. In writing my 1st book to be published, I researched what really is Consciousness that scientists and religionists are trying to figure out and conceived my own optimal understanding, thanks to the power of the Holy Ghost, the SQ of my EQ and IQ composite intelligence that I perceive I had obtained in my life. This is the blessing of deep learning I had as a member of the Lord's Church.

I can sense their pride in knowledge and contemptuous feelings of these scientists who are atheists though not all, who boldly declare that there is no God. Actually, I can sense these same prideful feelings in the Christian churches, not all but the modern ones with charismatic leaders who lure the public only to be exposed at some point in time of financial fraud as in this public case in nearby strict Singapore with its purist laws to catch the guilty in the nation-state island. Scientists or doctors can be equally guilty as found in Singapore too in this public case of a doctor.

I have developed a way of seeing through the Consciousness of others by listening to the way they speak or better still when I can have a conversation with them face to face which I have learned in life raising 6 children of my own to know of their strengths and their weakness just as I know my own. Whether scientist, doctor or even members of our Church in Singapore, Malaysia or USA, I have flushed out their true nature of corrupt or bad practices but leave it to God to judge them and forgive them if they repent. This is the law of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I know and follow.

I have traveled to over 30 countries around the world. Most travelers will want to find tourist sites but I have always been more interested to find the people whom I can talk to and even become friends to learn of their culture and maybe their Consciousness too. This is a term not often used in the past but is prevalent in the world of science and spirituality that comes from today's superpower of the world, the USA where I have recorded over 25 flights to this great nation. I have learned of the Consciousness of its people and sometimes the hegemony that they try to pass to others. I have public and private communication via the Internet and just via a conversation typed or vocal, I could sense the Consciousness of the Americans who differ from the West to the East Coast. I mix closely with the white, yellow, brown and black people and all my experiences with them that I treasure has updated my Consciousness to know and understand their mental, intellectual, psychological, emotional, cultural, educational and religious traits possessed by them as I know my own.

Why did I type all of the above? I guess I have to convince myself and the reader who will one day be able to buy my book in different languages that I'm simply an ordinary man but sufficiently experienced with an up-to-date Consciousness that can discern what or who is true and what or who is fake in this world. The Consciousness I believe in each person is eternal, meaning their awareness of what they have done, learned or experienced will carry on to another state of life when their time on earth has ended. From knowing the universal law of cause and effect learned from earth life, many may not be surprised of a judgment after death to account for how we had lived our life to decide where we qualify to go in the next life.

It has been my belief that the judicial process would be easy as everyone's Consciousness need only be matched to whatever criteria of judgment that is used to decide how well we have done to qualify for entrance to the next world that we will dwell in I imagine. So let us be diligent in learning more truth as time reveals it and make our own adjustments or choices accordingly for every set of new knowledge we receive.  I see it like how we adapt to new technology that comes into our lives so rapidly in these modern times so that we can live better lives. With the absence of the right spirit or presence of the wrong one, our lives can be worse with or without technology as it is neutral by itself.

The video below sheds new possibilities on the geography of the Book of Mormon. Interesting to me but such information has never been relevant to my personal progress in the BodyMindSpirit (BMS) domains of my life that I have coined and explained here.

This is the latest video having different opinions from the one shown above earlier on the geography of the Book of Mormon thus confirming the reason why the Church does not formally endorse the possibilities of what is expressed in the video.

Ha Ha!  My son in law Jay working for a company started by a Professor in MIT Boston, happened to make a post on his Facebook timeline below about scams or fake news in the technology of the game industry as I'm finishing my last post above. In the spirit of truth versus lies, I thought I'd share it. The point I like to highlight is that life will always have opposites, as explained by Lehi in the Book of Mormon highlighted here. The Devil will still have his influence until the judgment day. He will never change but he will change tactics to hurt us as he knows how to hide behind technology or even science today, so readers or listener BEWARE!

Another thought to share is maybe that the Devil has similar Consciousness like gamblers in our world. They just keep trying to win no matter what and if they do win, they will also lose it all in the end as they will burn up all the money trying to win even more. How do I know this? I have close relatives and friends who have this gambling spirit!

One last thought to share that comes to my mind about what happens to these churches that are exposed to fraudulent practices? I discovered that there were still be members continuing to believe while many had left. Why is this so?  My Consciousness tells me it's all about pride in not admitting our wrongs or our ignorance. Also in my research of "Emotional Intelligence" where Daniel Goleman is the Bestselling Author of the book with the same title, there is the psychology of Self-Deception involved. This was covered in his earlier book entitled, "Vital Lies. Simple Truths" Quoting from page 19 of this book about our human mind, "Attention is the gathering of information crucial to existence. Anxiety is the response when that information registers as a threat. The intriguing part of this relationship is straightforward: we can use our attention to deny threat, and so cushion ourselves from Anxiety. In some ways that is useful self-deception. In others, it's not."

My closing remarks:

This anti-anti-'Mormon' post was written very late in my life or membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anti-'Mormon' materials seek to oppose our Church and its teachings. Early in my Church membership when some were passed to me, it made me become curious why the other Christians would need to write opposing views against our Church. I took the time to investigate and the start of my post covers what I had discovered. I didn't have the time to follow up to write a journal of my discoveries and thank Duncan Horne for prompting me to do it as it has been my nature aways to explain things more clearly, as I recall from my own Consciousness, especially when I have kept documents related to the experience that happened a long time ago as well as my updating of online journals today with links to Facebook media.

I have spent considerable time during my life to be actively updating my Consciousness to cover many broad fields of life in order to answer deeper personal questions like What is my Potential, How do I do what I do and how can I help others repeat what I can do if they so desire to follow? This caused me to read and experiment widely during my sojourn on earth. I wanted to gain sufficient knowledge via my own experiences besides just reading about them or hearing from others in my own private research. I was diligent to record my experiences in my journals that were divided into the BMS domains of Body Mind Spirit as perceived in New York City in an experience recorded here.

My journals have helped me better understand my own Consciousness, that of others and gave me the capability to contribute to unraveling what is Consciousness itself in my own book at a timely moment when the world is actively seeking the answer from the Scientists as well as the Spiritualists.

I became unique to qualify to share my views as it has something to do with my ability to integrate the two left and right hemispheres of the brain. It started at the University when I would take on what is considered the subjects of Arts and Science to do a dual major in Accounting and Computer Science. With the power of the Internet today to augment my mind with the incredibly useful and latest information from around the world, I am not only able to have the resource to write a compelling book to read but I can also make it accessible to the world via the same network that I used! Indeed as an Accountant who transformed himself to be an IT Consultant, my life covered the era of using technology that started with the Abacus to gradually advance to the Cloud computing era of today.

No matter how great technology is, nothing beats the 'Personal Revelation' I am entitled to when I live worthy to receive them. This has helped me navigate through all the dark times of my life which is inevitable living in our mortal existence. I not only could answer the lies or 'fake news' of anti-Mormon literature, but the Holy Ghost was also there to give me personal revelation where even if there were unanswered questions, though there were few for me as I was deeply blessed with miracles to find answers when I sincerely prayed for them.

Somehow this faith I have in having specific prayers answered was captured by our Church News in my early years of serving the Church in Malaysia in the 80s and even years later in 2017, it was mentioned again as recorded in my journal of miracles coined as the 'Story of 7' journal.

I know my faith and obedience to Gospel principles and commandments, including the important principle of constant dialogue with my Heavenly Father with constant repentance on my part, helped me go through life with a fullness of joy and hope. Those lacking this faith and obedience I learned would be fully exposed to the negative forces of this world that would cause many to have depressed mental health in many men and women in our complexed modern world today and more in the future that is driven by technology. Technology drives change in our lives which may not be always positive which is why God has always given us the principle of Free Agency to choose how we can manage whatever given to us that it can be for our good instead of the opposite. If we do make mistakes, we can repent or change following the miracle of the Atonement which I have covered in this special post.

Anything is good or bad depending on how humans make use of it, like money, which is a neutral object. From young, I felt I didn't fit the school system of studying to pass tests, feeling that memorizing something was not as important as having a full understanding of what I was supposed to learn. Nevertheless, through the drive of Asian parents and the example plus the encouragement of my older brothers who were graduates, I learned the 'system' of how to study and to score too in examinations. It's a simple thing to do when you are aware of how the system works. I finally graduated myself too to become a qualified Chartered Accountant under the British standards or named as a CPA under the American system.

A critical fork or a Big Change came into my life, not because of technology but because I became a member of the Church.  I had anticipated entering the working world of rapid change due to my early readings of a book entitled, "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler. I knew I would have the support of a Heavenly Father to help me through this life of rapid change that I would face. This support came to me as I acquired the art of Deep Learning through my membership in the Church as shared in this article, which I highly recommend to be read. It has a definition of what is 'Deep Learning', different from the deep learning and machine language terminology used in the world of 'Big Data' today. 'Big Data' is the latest exciting topic in the IT industry as well as the commercial world today while as a researcher and writer, I was more interested in the 'Big Data' found in Human Consciousness especially of my own. Here is an excerpt from the article mentioned above:

The learning that allows each of you to rise “to the full stature of your divine potential” is what I will call deep learning: learning of the whole soul—the mind, the heart, the body, and the immortal spirit. Deep learning applies to every kind of knowledge, whether spiritual or secular. Learning is deep when it increases your power to do three things: (1) to know and understand; (2) to take effective, righteous action; and (3) to become more like our Heavenly Father.

How timely that the Church uses emails to send appropriate messages or talks to members like this one here which talks about the black box we keep unresolved questions. I like the following quote from the message :

Two key obstacles stand in the way of delivering this “vital message to the world,” said Elder Pearson. (with reference to the Gospel message that we teach to the world.)

“The first obstacle is being unknown — the second is being misunderstood. In other words, awareness and understanding are the key obstacles to us meeting our sacred and imperative duty. The scale and magnitude of this challenge is beyond anything the corporate world has ever encountered.”

If you like the quote I just shared of Elder Pearson, click the link above and the read the whole article. Awareness is the simple synonym for Consciousness which is the central theme of my first book that I would write and publish which I have referred to above. The title of my book is inspired to be, "My Consciousness, Abacus to the Cloud."

Pandemic years of 2020-21
Abacus to the Cloud or the writings of my Consciousness has found a new home at

The writings of my Consciousness or Awareness I find never has a break! Why? The answer I believe comes from a special moment I spent with my father recorded here. From that day onwards, my Body Mind Spirit got energized to complete my tasks or personal responsibilities to complete my life's mission. Every minute of my life I felt was always preoccupied in doing something especially trying to fulfill the goals I have set for myself as well as trying to fulfill my own personal responsibilities that includes my family of course. My active interaction with others would also take up time especially when the latest project started at! 

The COVID-19 pandemic that started in March 2020 actually gave me a good break to get myself organized and that I truly did. I had time to recharge myself, to focus on self-organization and prepare for the next phase of my life where I am optimized to maintain at OPT Optimal Performance & Thinking mode! I made sure my health in body mind & spirit would be optimal. This required that my interactions in the 3 areas would be strategically focused as well, that I would not get too caught up or intense with too many areas or people like I was in my younger days!

It was timely in 2021 when we were ushering in the Chinese New Year of the Ox that I would start interacting with a 91 year old Dutchman who seemed as interested in the topic of Human Consciousness as I was. 

Click here to read the full article or the pic above.

To be continued...

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