Easter 2016, a perpetual 'In Memory' post for those who have died and will live again because of Him.

Listening to the above video of the World's Largest Virtual #Hallelujah chorus this Easter season gives me continued hope and inspiration that I can see many of my departed friends and loved ones again one day as the message is that they will live again because of our Savior Jesus Christ!

For me and my family, we think of the children's mother, my beloved wife Geok Lee of 30 years in mortality. She loved singing and music to even sang in the historic Tabernacle building with the Choir, as seen in the video above. This experience and other pinnacle memories of her life are remembered in my writings of her here. There are other close family members long departed whom I think of like my mother and father.

As I myself get older in age, I have found that more and more of my friends and relatives in life, younger or older, have left our mortal existence too! Some could be famous personalities who were favorite actors in movies our family watched together whom we have never met personally but feel sad to lose them! Others could be people I came across reading about their lives who touched me and decided I would write something in memory of them too  Here are some of my written memories of them which I will continue to add on to the list through time to make this a perpetual post to remember those who have died and will live again because of Him.

Last but not least, there were couple missionaries during my mission years of 1980-82 who I fondly missed remembered in this recent blog post.  Photos of more returned missionaries from Malaysia or Singapore who passed away can be found in this facebook album and others in another Easter album. In short, some names of the deceased if not found on this post may be found in the other posts or albums named above.

I apologize if some people the readers know may have been omitted from being included in this blog post or in my other published sites where hypertext links to them have been given above. This will be primarily due to my own human frailty to recall everyone in my life whom I know or have the time to gather all their information to share, despite the wonderful technology found in social media today. I guess this is why software products sold in the marketplace do not carry any warranty whatsoever as coding millions of computer codes by a human programmer is expected to have 'bugs' or errors in the final output! I pray and hope the eternal souls who have passed on whose names or information I have omitted will forgive me.

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