What If... Birds could Talk?

What could they tell us?
About how to be happy, to be chirpy in the morning of a brand new day
To rejoice with the rays of the sun, to soar in the sky
Enjoying the freedom of movement, and the feeling of flight

What could they share with us?
About beauty and courtship, about the art of love and nature
To know how to twitter sweet words to each other, to know how to love
Rejoicing in beauty and going with the flow

What If...Birds could Talk?
To tell how they learned to build a nest and to choose where they would build it?
That they can sometimes be so close to the humans they have watched
As if they have lessons to teach us, allowing themselves to be watched instead

What do they know about parenting?
That the mother bird could keep the eggs warm enough till they hatch
While father bird stays close by to protect the nest and hunts for food when the eggs hatch
To take turns to feed the birdlings, who eventually grow feathers and leave the nest

What If...Birds could Talk?
What can they tell us about Humans, of why we can't synchronize with each other?
Wanting to be free but unable to work together in perfect harmony
Wishing to learn from the birds to have perfect formations, moving with speed to get everyone there

Why are they symbolic of peace?
The Spirit of God descended like a dove so that Man can be at peace, to love one another
To teach us there is abundance, and not to hoard more that prevents others to have enough
This is the truth of life on earth, that the birds remind us without a word uttered, just its coo will do.

Author: Sun Fu CHONG
               June 2015

Inspired by the Bird Stories 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6  and  7

Post-dated event :

2 Dec 2016 in Kuala Lumpur

Free as a Bird post, from my facebook :

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7 Jan 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

The above facebook post is now shared in two other blog posts of mine. One as an event to kick off the new year of 2017 found here and the other to be classified as a sort of miracle and is therefore included in my continuing story of 7 journal post found here.

7 Aug 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

The week beginning on Monday the 7th of Aug

This is the photo shot of the balcony of the apartment I live in. See the clothes drying rack at the end in the background of the photo without any wet clothes on it yet? Believe it or not, this is what happened:
Being Monday, after Sunday, I did my laundry in the morning and took out the machine washed clothes to dry out on the balcony. The KL apartment doesn't have a dryer like in our Singapore home which I call the 'boys camp' that is on the ground floor. I came out and saw the most amazing thing I've never seen before in all the years I've lived in this apartment. Two birds were sitting at the top rung of the clothes hanger at the end of the balcony. Now I wished I could have taken a pic of them but when I came out, they saw me and were frightened off to fly away immediately.
Now just a few days earlier I saw lots of birds flying in the air by the forest. I actually spoke out to the birds, as if one of them would be the bird that I had saved in the story above, to invite the bird back to the familiar balcony that it had spent a night in January of the year! I was disappointed that none came by as I had my camera waiting and anticipating. I didn't know it took a few days for those two birds to appear but it caught my surprise and didn't have my camera ready. However, my multi-sensory mind, writing this portion of the blog post on Friday, Aug 11 can realize the appearance of the two birds was a preamble to related events over the week. I merely have to capture my facebook posts of significant events this week to embed them below :
On Monday over lunch itself, I managed to have my good friend be introduced to a 'yellow bird' indeed that was indeed a most pleasant company to us as seen in the pic below who has been a guest of mine in my TalkLane interview.

On the next day itself, I had a Messenger request from a returned missionary of our Church from US visiting in Malaysia to spend a night at my apartment. How nice that the whole week became rather pleasant which seem to relate to the two birds coming to my balcony!

I had chosen Kuala Lumpur to be my base of writing my book and inspiration is high as I do my writing work in the apartment. It's a forest outside and a very inspiring scenery to look out from the balcony as per the video below:

I recall as a small child by my mother's side who was packing the suitcase for my Dad, then a district land surveyor of the Government Survey Department, who had to travel town to town in Malaysia to supervise the surveyors throughout the country. My mother remarked in Hokkien dialect, "Lang siang ka Chiao" meaning "Man is like a Bird" adding "Chi meh chi peng, ko chi meh oh peng" meaning "One night here. another night over there" with reference to each night that he would be in another town. She had to pack sufficient attire for my Father for each of the night or day that he would be spending on his trip! Little did I know then that in my life, I will be like a bird too in terms of travel as shared in this new ExploreLane journal that has a lot more places to be updated over time!

28 May 2020

Another bird, a special one, came to visit me during the COVID-19 pandemic of our world history!

The above two birds came from a journal in July 2018 where I was seeking to find the place where I had proposed to my wife at the Botanic Gardens in Penang.

For more, click here to the top to learn more about my other bird stories of my life that can seem mystical but all will be explained more plainly in my future book or current online journals! The Big Question is what is the message that this latest visit of another bird to me in my life is about? Besides birds, you might want to read about my insect experiences here.

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