My thoughts in pics and music when our oldest son leaves for a voluntary mission

Click the video clip and enjoy the pics below :

Mom's singing with Ying Er, Han's cousin, playing the violin while he is on the piano.

Most of the following pics below are taken from the time Han was set apart at the Church Stake Center in Singapore to his final good bye hug just before boarding his plane.

President Lai was out of town so Pres Kwan his counsellor set Elder Han apart at the Stake Center in Bukit Timah on the very day he was to leave for his Mission ie on Wed 27 June 2012.

We had a quick close family dinner nearby

At the airport, Mom had in her hand to pass to Elder Han a family booklet contributed by all the family  members which includes letters of encouragement, photos of his life and 'angpows' in British pounds!

Here is Elder Han sharing the family book with his friends

A last pic with all the family members present in Singapore. Su and Jay had planned their trip to Singapore to  join us from US and we enjoyed nice experiences together recorded here.

A try out of his British street gear!

With Mom and Dad

With Su

With Shuan

With Ern

With Ray

Not present in person but only in Spirit, Fei ....

... and our family dog Simba who is MIA since Feb 2012

Last moments before going into the restricted Immigration and Customs area

... Double Hugs from Mom. Little did Han know that this would be the last time he would hug his mother. Sadness lay ahead but with the tender mercy of the Lord, a miracle was witnessed recorded here.
A final send off with flashes of thoughts in the mind and prayers in the heart

Han before leaving had even composed a farewell song for himself. You can click the clip below if the first video clip you started had finished :

Last messages seen on his facebook wall about 2am Malaysia/Singapore time on 29th June 2012 :

Han Chong
Has arrived safely in UK. From now on, Geok Lee (Han's mother) will update here from time to time.)
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Geok Lee > Han Chong
To the friends of Han Chong: I am Han's mother, and will be updating his facebook from time to time. If you see him online, it is only me :)
He has arrived safely in UK and a new chapter in his life has just begun. Thank you for your well wishes and support!
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A summary of his weekly email letters sent home with selected pics are found in the Spiritlane blog post here.

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