The confirmation

The whole experience had become very sacred to me that I had not shared it with anyone yet. On early Saturday morning of 8 Dec 1979, it was our turn in the branch to contribute our time to work on the Church Welfare farm. There President Smith, the Branch President, came up to me and said “Bro Chong, we have been praying for the past few weeks for a calling for you and have decided to call you as a Branch Missionary”. I just muttered softly that I would be willing to serve, quietly keeping to myself that I felt it was the Lord’s way to confirm and also to prepare me for the calling that he had already revealed to me just a few nights ago. I now only had one problem and that was how I would relate to my parents that I was going on a mission who up to this point had still not been informed that I had become a Mormon! But nothing could stop me now as I felt like the young prophet Joseph, when he was visited by God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, that God knew it and he knew it. No one could convince me otherwise and I felt God would prepare the way for me to fulfil the commandment that he had given to me. I put my life in his hands and more was to happen.

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