The Bird Story

I would pray often and read the scriptures and one day, as I was praying, I heard a “thud” sound in the room. So strong was my faith that I had thought an angel had appeared in my room. I opened my eyes and looked around to find that it was only a small bird that had flown under the bed and had hurt itself knocking on the underside trying to escape. I took the bird in my hand and remembered that I had heard of the priesthood blessing working on animals and so I placed my two fingers on its head and gave it a blessing. I remember so vividly that as I lifted my fingers at the end of the prayer, the bird took immediate flight.

The strange thing about this particular bird is that it flew off almost immediately direct to an air vent on the wall and out of the house. In previous rare incidents that I knew of when a bird had found its way into the house, it would circle in the house for some time looking for an escape. This particular bird didn’t do that but just flew straight to the air vent and disappeared very quickly! I was simply overwhelmed by the whole experience and felt impressed that this was a sign from God to me as a comforter that I was taking the right path. (Postdated May 2020 comment: Difficulty for a bird to find its way out once inside a home is shared in this story of the Spoken Word video series of the Church.)  

Later on my mission, I felt this comforter again that came in the shape or form of a bird. (Click here for details in the journal.)

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