The Bird Story continued

This story I believe is a continuation of the first story found here.

Most mornings I would have a routine of exercises which often invigorates my mind.

On one particular morning, I have been thinking about the Holy Ghost and how the scriptures had described it as a form of a dove. After my exercises I was resting in the porch of the terrace home of Mr and Mrs Cheah in SS2 PJ where we had rented a room. I was lying flat on my back looking at the sky and pondering how it would have been like at the time when Christ was baptized.

Lo and behold, I saw the clouds move and created a huge dove right across the sky above me! I was totally taken aback, wondering could this be really happening before me or was I just dreaming but it was real. I saw the two large wings span across the sky just for a few minutes and treated this a very sacred experience.

I got up to carry out my usual routine of driving my car into the porch as Mr Cheah had already gone to work. As I walked to my car, the greatest surprise caught me. On the bonnet of our yellow Ford Escort was a dead sparrow. It almost looked liked the sparrow that I had in my hands before my mission. This was I felt a sign to me from our Heavenly Father that he was still with me, watching over me on my mission which only made me more determined to serve well. I took a photo of the bird on my bonnet as it was so significant to me, another sign from heaven!

Actual photo of the bird found on the bonnet of the car

A symbolic picture of the event taken from a greeting card

Postdated development:

The Year is now 2018 and on Valentines Day Feb 14 Bro Anthony Lim passed away. A memorial post was made for him here and another to cover the spiritual part of his life and mine when I first got to know him in 1980 is covered here.

More bird stories came out of my life to finally be able to even write a poem like Bro Anthony shared here.

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